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  1. Greetings! Several days ago we installed a new vision 230 pls. Earlier we have the same pls but unfortunately because some technical issue we need to install a new one. So finally we install it, load a old program from previous pls and unfortunately we have some problems. Our pls read the data from electrical and water meters and then send it to e-mail at end of the month. Since we installed a new pls some of the data are missing for example: Flat Cold Hot 01 115.258 0.000 02 59.079 49.297 03 235.354 0.000 04 0.000 0.000 05 153.646 90.032 Tthis zero is not correct data reading. And finally it won't send us data to e-mail . Have you some ideas why on the same plc and with the same program we have this problems. if you need additional info please ask! program is attached. 16.vlp
  2. Please help newbie! My objective: to make the remote reading of water meters and electricity to a building using vision 230. I wrote a small program to play with the meter and understand how everything works. But suddenly confronted with problem! The reading data from meter are not displayed. And I can not understand where i made a mistake. Maybe there is a similar project example or someone can check my programm. My meter telegramm: 68|29|29|68|08|00|72|64|78|13|04|01|6A|01|02|00|00|00|00|86|10 83|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|86|20|83 00|80|67|D8|08|00|00|02|FF|92|00|1E|00|C8|16 Primary m-bus address: 00 Thanks a lot! meter reading.vlp
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