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    UIS-WCB2 disturbs I/O communication

    Hello, I am running an application with a USP-104-B10 + UAG-XK125 + UIA-0402N_0 + UIS-WCB2_1 + UID-W1616R_2. The system has been running fine for a while, then stopped working without an obvious reason. After power up, all the I/O modules start a normal boot (status LED: GREEN slow blink). Then operate for a split second, followed by a reboot (status LED: GREEN fast blink) of all modules. This continues in an endless cycle until after about 30-60 seconds the status LED's show a RED slow blink and the I/O's remain off. After each reboot the I/O are working for a split second. A while later the HMI reports "CPU Error Detected / Communication with the CPU cannot be established" followed by CPU in Stop Mode. Seller advised to exchange the CPU but because I took the time to investigate and found the problem in the UIS-WCB2. Disconnection of the 24V supply to the UIS-WCB2 module solves the problem!! However when I disconnect, the status LED of that module remains RED. The moment I reconnect the supply, the system goes back into the rebooting sequence. I have checked the power supply to the UIS-WCB2. The 0V/24V power supply is shared with the supply of the HMI panel following the installation manual. Grounding is connected to all modules and all I/O's, including the power supply, are isolated from the rest of the installation. The UIS-WCB2 digital outputs (O2 up to O9) in source configuration are connected to relays and the high speed input is connected to a rotational encoder. So in short I tried the following: Disconnect all I/O's, connect 24 V to pin +V: Problem starts instantly Connect all I/O's, disconnect 24V to pin +V: All I/O'S work!!! Status LED remains RED!!! I would appreciate some advice. What could be causing this? Can I continue to operate the system without further damage (UIS-WCB2 outputs are now powered by the CPU)? Is it firmware related? Currently running version 1.22.9 Do I need to replace the UIS-WCB2? It has been in operation for a few hours only but surpassed its warentee period while in storage. Thanks, Marco
  2. Marco Brombacher

    Compare tag data current vs previous scan

    Thanks, It works!
  3. I need to calculate the difference between the current tag value and its value during the previous scan. The tag value originates from a Formula using analogue data from a UIA-0402N Analog input and stores a Real value. Is there a easy way to do this without using a Data Table or other FB that uses the SD card memory?
  4. Marco Brombacher

    Link combo box to data table

    Is it possible to fill the list of an HMI Combo Box with the string data which is stored in column of a data table? Thanks, Marco
  5. Marco Brombacher

    "Store" Ladder function does not work

    Turned out I didn't call the function. Your input helped me solve the puzzle. Thank you!!!
  6. Marco Brombacher

    "Store" Ladder function does not work

    Hi, I want to store the int16 value of an analog input into a global tag int16. The value of the input is correct but the Store Integer function does not work. The value of the global tag remains 0. I tried to find info on the subject without success. Can anyone help me? This is the view in online mode...