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  1. I have simple solution for your problem. Look atachment Modificiran analog.U90
  2. Robert Mramor s.p.

    Expansion modules

    Expansion modules developed in Mramor Robert s.p. for Unitronics PLC
  3. JZ- EX 8Di -8Do Dear UNITRONICS users. This is my another device, which i developed, and it's used several times in my projects. This expansion module looks like EX90-DI8-RO8 expansion module from Unitronics. Our module also have 8 digital inputs which can be sink or source configurated, and 8 digital (transistor) outputs which can be also sink, source or even for AC voltage configurated with max. 0,5A current per output. This module can be connected to any OPLC from Unitronic series. The module communicating with PLC via RS485 port. In this case JAZZ s
  4. Dear Joe. The price of this little gem is 30€ Best regards Robert M.
  5. Dear UNITRONICS users. Sometimes it happens that you need more digital inputs on the OPLC because of pushbuttons. A solution is an OPLC with a larger number of inputs or an extension needs to be added when is possible. That can be expensive. I developed a simple solution, which I named, the pushbuttons to current loop converter. In this case, you only need one analog input (4 – 20mA), to add up to 19 pushbuttons via two-wire shielded cable which can be up to 100m long. The converter is self powered ( powered from current loop ). The converter is reliable, since
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