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  1. I suspect you´re using a CT with AC volts output. Analog input is only DC, 0 ... 10 Vdc range, then you need a converter from AC Volt to DC Volt.
  2. In ladder, use RESET COIL to reset the bit you use in HMI button
  3. I suggest to split code in two separated rungs: first, to read row and second to SET MB 0 (You´re using contact instead of coil) and load HMI. Make sure you´re not using ML 1 in other place and variable in HMI is large enough to show all characters.
  4. I had same problem long time ago. Workaround was, to increase delay time between reading different devices when an offline device detected.
  5. Go to "HMI - Font Handler" menu, select the font you want to modify and select those characters you want to show (only not default fonts)
  6. Regardless of the default socket and port configuration, I always configure the values at power up. It makes that rung explain itself and avoid misunderstandings with other programmers or even myself over time
  7. Why 9600, 8, n, 2? It isn´t usual. I suggest you to double check COMM INIT and Modbus Config blocks to match VFD parameters (baudrate, data and stop bits, address).
  8. Or simply use three different tags, one for each period, updating (SUM) them in each scan or in a base time. This way, you have instant values for all your periods. Of course, you will need to reset those tags at the right time (daily, weekly, monthly).
  9. Use LINEARIZATION FB. Keep in mind module resolution is 0.1°C, that´s the reason X1 and X2 values are -2000 ... 6000 in the image
  10. Take a look to the module specs. It shows register values when analog input is out of range. https://myzone-kza3sadj.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/IO-ATC8.pdf
  11. I perform manual tuning when I have temperature process instead of auto tuning. I have better performance. In general, to reduce overshoot, decrease P, but all systems have their own behavior.
  12. I guess you´re using Remote Access software to show your Vision 130 and you believe it is a simulator. However keep in mind that all Unitronics software requires a physical PLC in order to view online data. There is not simulator.
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