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  1. At present I can't spare time to do this. Someone else may. The initial point was for you to try, the forum isn't necessarily about providing ready made answers, it's about learning as well. If you step through the words, relating them to ladder elements, you'll likely figure it out. cheers, Aus
  2. OK. I think your best bet here is to contact support. Either create a ticket using the support link at the top of the page, or support@unitronics.com Good luck and please return with the solution that worked. cheers, Aus
  3. Are you sure the program is able to be uploaded? It may not have been initially programmed to allow this. What messages are you getting during your attempts? cheers, Aus
  4. Kratmel, I think the need is for the blink speed to increase as the timer runs. So as the timer nears finishing it is blinking quickly. Alighz, I would be doing this using a toggle coil whose input is controlled by a self-resetting count that reduces the reset number as a direct inverted linearization of the total timer time, as the time elapses. Also be aware that ideally you can't use a relay output for this, transistor output would be preferable. Plug away at that concept and see how it goes. cheers, Aus
  5. I guess you are meaning the first 3 or 4 scans of the cameras? Not the plc? (which would be a pretty quick production line!) Without looking too closely, you have a lot of different stuff going on in some rungs/nets. I would be splitting things up a whole lot more and only doing a particular type of action in one rung. By the sound of it actions are needing to occur before it all settles....... have you tried the old chestnut of things slightly out of order, such that rearranging the same elements in the sequence can fix the issue? Humans are very good at missing this bit, but the pl
  6. A number of lawyers were sitting around the office playing poker. "I win!" said Harold. George threw down his cards. "That's it, I've had it with your cheating, Harold!" Roger chimed in with "That's a terrible accusation George. What evidence have you got to support that slanderous claim?" "Because they're not the cards I dealt him!" 🤑
  7. Others may disagree with my following observations. I'm not being negative, but this sounds like you have purchased a device that needs partial assembly by the end user. As such, if there are problems, you really should be talking with the manufacturer/supplier. This forum is mostly volunteers and there is a fine line here which to my mind is being crossed, in that our time should not be helping to solve some maker's issue. They should be offering the needed support. cheers, Aus
  8. Swervo, there are so many different styles of schematics you'll have to decide in the first place which way you want to go. To me it is personal preference. There are different names world wide for different style types. I actually hate modern style "line diagrams", "riser style" as I find them counter-intuitive and hard to understand at a glance, as you need to constantly reference descriptions. I much prefer older style where the entire layout and connections are visualised. Sometimes these are called pictorial, maintenance, schematic. This link https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1025/ML1
  9. I've simplified what I use for the sake of displaying it. My real one goes into much more detail, but the basic layout is like this. The operand numbering method shown allows easy cross-checking for duplicates through data copy/paste/manipulation on a saved file. cheers, Aus
  10. Bootlace pins! Carefully done and inspected each time. Bottom smacking of poor assembly offenders! 💩 cheers, Aus
  11. This file says it is not a valid U90 file after doing the name change. Perhaps send it directly to support. cheers, Aus
  12. Bearing in mind Joe's perfectly valid points, just out of curiosity what file type is this being saved in? xls or xlsx? Or perhaps another variation of the later file types? If it is done in any of the later file types, and you change the initial save to earlier types, does it then work? If it is done in the later version and you simply drop the later file type appendage, like x or b etc off the file name, what happens then? You will likely get a requester saying it is a bit sus, but it might then open. cheers, Aus
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