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  1. @Cara Bereck Levy @Saragani I'm also wondering same as Kroska's ask. I had simply forgotten about this ask of mine as I had just got used to it not working properly so didn't use it. I played again tonight on my main 2 screen system and it is still the same. Using 2 monitors displays all sorts of odd behaviour with the mouse only active on the main screen. The real irony is twofold in that the detached explorer window works correctly....but only on the main screen. If you want it on your second screen you have to make it large enough to show what you want on the second screen by sizing it on the main screen, then drag it over allowing that the mouse pointer will keep on moving, but the associated mouse action will stop when you leave the main screen. However, if you do a save with the explorer window detached, then close and reopen, the explorer window then works correctly. Alas, this doesn't make any difference to the detached output window. It stubbornly remains the same unusable thing. cheers, Aus
  2. Goggles translate....... Hello, During process recording we encounter a problem. A recording over a very short time and after conversion the pressure shows 33bar. But during a very long recording, the pressure displayed is no longer the same even though the 33 bar is indeed present. math, a bit more information needed please. What plc, what operands etc? Is the 33 bar showing correctly at the plc using online mode or HMI? You are saying that it is just recording that is showing the discrepancy? cheers, Aus
  3. Have a look at @Simon's great answers here: https://forum.unitronics.com/topic/7615-confused-by-pnp-and-npn-wiring-in-the-samba-manual/?tab=comments#comment-31641 cheers, Aus
  4. I have never really thought about this on all the 130s I use, as I prefer an "Enter" to be done to make the entry area active. Sort of a definite action. However, I tried 76 & 108 combos on a remote system and they didn't make a difference. Indeed, having both on disabled legal entry, in that the entry went OK but on pushing enter it then goes back to the starting point with a blinking cursor overlaid onto the entry area.....an endless loop for some reason. So one solution, if you really want it to happen Flex, is to simply have an automatic Entry push a few scans after the screen ends loading. A second would be to do an "automatic" Entry push by linking SB6 into a rising edge of the first number with the neg transition being the actual entry, with subsequent numbers as normal. Of the two, I think the first would be more suitable. Time for more fun and games trials on your part. On thinking about this a bit more, I don't actually know whether password entry lets you differentiate b/n rising and trailing edges, so that might be a stoooopid suggestion anyway! cheers, Aus
  5. The problem re-appeared with subsequent usage and Mozilla is substantially changing the appearance and layout of Fox over the last few updates, and also the ability to change such things easily using about:config. You used to be able to easily disable Proton in fox, but you now can't do it easily. The appearance changes relate to a common theme amongst many programs, in that they seem to think that everyone is running stuff on phones and need lots of space on screens to separate items out for easier viewing etc. It's the same issue as to why a PC install of W10 would have many references to mobile phone operations...especially something with a touchscreen. "errr...cough....it's a PC" For me the new layout on Fox was the last straw in that apart from other "wasted space" issues, large gap increases on things like bookmarks etc. doesn't sound like much, but in use were a complete PITA as I now had to scroll around a lot to go to commonly used locations that were previously visible on initial dropdown. To this end, I am now using Firefox ESR. The latest is 78.13 and in using the 64bit version I am not having any troubles at all at present on the forum. Appearance is compact everywhere like I want, without any tweaking needed at all. Time will tell if hiccouphs arise. I have found Epic to do an admirable job, as well. cheers, Aus.
  6. Simon, I'm wondering if JC is referring to the "Desktop site" switch which appears on my mobile browser when on a page, accessed via the 3 dots (or whatever of the myriad names it gets called!) settings dropdown. I don't use Chrome but am sure there must be something similar in it. This switch makes many sites which were hopeless on the mobile, work correctly. It's one of those things very easily missed. cheers, Aus
  7. As well as Visco's help, is Windoze updates showing any recent installs through "view windows updates" under 7's Programs and Features? If so, selective uninstall until culprit possibly found? Have you tried going back on a restore point to see if it helps? cheers, Aus
  8. This jogged a memory of a previous topic where issues were raised about this size. The gist is here: https://forum.unitronics.com/topic/7050-suite-will-not-format-card/?do=findComment&comment=28709 cheers, Ausman
  9. Kratmel's recent "useless machine" video had some links on the side which I couldn't resist a look at. Check this one out......such dedication! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Av07QiqmsoA cheers, Aus
  10. @Simon , nice explanation. Well done. You must be in lockdown with some spare time on your hands! 🙂 cheers, Aus
  11. With what you have shown this sentence doesn't make sense. You want to use a relay output, yet you are using an MB to trigger a screen element indirectly linked to the output. So what is it that you want? The screen element to concurrently change when the relay changes? I guess this. So the real question here is what controls your O 0?, because you've actually got that as a contact. If something else is turning O 0 on, then simply link O 0 instead of MB24. After all that, at present, does MB24 actually change when you think it should when online? cheers, Aus
  12. So going on this result it would seem that you are going to get P(ressed) * for 0-9 * # and R(eleased) * for 0-9 * # Like Joe says, this would still mean you need to strip characters off to end up with what you want. Even if you ignored the "positive transition" signal of P and worked on the "negative transition" signal, or vice versa, you are still going to need to character work if you just want to end up with numbers. I'd actually use both the rising and falling signal to double check the pressed number. ie if P1 stripped of P equals the next signal which is R1 stripped of R, then it is a true indication that button 1 has been pressed and released, and the system can receive the next number. This would also be a way of self-correcting this sequence if something goes astray, by recognising that the numbers don't equal each other. On the pad you may even have a piezo that could be triggered if an error like this arose, effectively saying "start again". cheers, Aus
  13. If you haven't already seen this (Aussie) guy and his views on the world, here's a good starting point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPf529urxw8 Then, for all you measurement fans, try this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDUt-Kbxqsg Afterwards, make some time to check out all his others to laugh some more! He rose to fame with his insights into the absurd things our various Aussie state governments were doing (and still are) for Covid rulings. Happy watching. Cheers, Aus
  14. Please read this post completely to get multiple instances. Pay attention to the very last post.....you cannot copy/paste. However, if you set your operand numbers up so there is no "overlap", you CAN use export/import subroutine. But at least you can get 2 multiple instances on screen to compare what you've done....and manually copy. https://forum.unitronics.com/topic/4015-multiple-connection-live-checking-tip/ cheers, Aus
  15. Hi Max, do you really know what a Ford Interceptor is? 🙂 Some quick answers to your questions. Much of what you're asking sounds like you haven't installed properly. See here: https://forum.unitronics.com/topic/7917-visilogic-doesnt-work-properly-after-installation-what-install-as-administrator-really-means/ Also have a look through this topic and you will find other things that you are talking about: https://forum.unitronics.com/topic/6229-ongoing-18-topics-almost-worth-pinning/ Come back again after investigating all of this. cheers, Aus
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