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  1. The screen basically says all that is needed. There is a saying on the forum that if you don't need to update, don't do it. If you need a particular feature that is only available in a later version, by all means update, but be prepared to possibly change something using the later version you use. Although in the Vision forum, this pinned post says it all. https://forum.unitronics.com/topic/7245-dont-update-just-because-you-can/?do=findComment&comment=29557 cheers, Aus
  2. Antal, I don't see that image.....only "image.png" cheers, Aus
  3. Along with Flex's observations, try another cable. Also, when in Device Manager, check and compare what drivers each of the computers is using for the port when it is meant to be active. cheers, Aus
  4. This is a statement. What do you want from the forum?
  5. Actual device being received from is what? Increase timeout? Insert some delays of a few scans b/n actions to allow buffers to clear. ie don't do the next action immediately on a bit changing that says a function (that inherently uses a buffer) has finished. Trial waiting a few scans. Have you tried simply letting the plc receive the stream without start and end, just to see what happens? cheers, Aus
  6. Thanks Denis. Yes...that's prefect! 🙂
  7. Taking everything from Kratmel as great, some thoughts. Is the PLC itself totally within the enclosure? Or is it being used the way it's meant.....user interaction via the screen being on the outside of the panel? If so, that's a great RF entry point in itself, so perhaps a hinged shield of sorts might help. Was also intrigued by "it comes raging back". Does this timeline match some MTBF on the TIG componentry? In that the TIG is making far more interference after a certain amount of use on new tips etc? Also loved the daughter reference. So, so true! cheers, Au
  8. I am assuming that this is missing a "c". 🙂 I was a little confused at first! A search at the main site didn't pick anything up. @Cara Bereck Levy ?? cheers, Aus
  9. I don't think it's going to help, but I have had W10 lose some variations of fonts for no reason at all, other than what seems to be a Micro$oft whim. Perhaps you don't actually have all correct details needed. Check that you do indeed have everything related to all Arial variations on your system. If doing the following shows you do, then perhaps uninstall, reboot and reinstall everything Arial. Reg key to check. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts As well, directly compare this to the fonts shown in Fonts under Personalisation. (Or Run/contr
  10. Cat, you might possibly have to have a good read of the following, and maybe all the topic to get background. Although seemingly unrelated to your issue, if you go down the path of removing ALL drivers associated with any adapters by using the mentioned program, and then start again from scratch, it might cure the issue. Again the warning that the tool mentioned is very powerful and needs to used carefully. cheers, Aus https://forum.unitronics.com/topic/3454-usb-rs232-adapator-erro/?do=findComment&comment=12671
  11. On top of what Joe says, my experience of many modbus devices from "lesser known" makers, especially those from Asia, is that they often don't follow normal conventions. You often need their special program to change crucial settings so that you can then communicate with it in the normal way. Perhaps your device is not one of these, but be aware of the possibility. cheers, Aus
  12. I agree with Joe, I have similar power resets on particular sensors if they don't change at all after X minutes. However, something that caught my eye is the possiblity that the call to your SMS subroutine is being stopped incorrectly. Even just one scan difference might mess things up. What does MB469 do and how does it relate to everything? If it only comes on to control a send, try delaying it turning off for a few seconds once everything is meant to be finished. This is along the lines of me allowing buffer clearance times of a few scans in other areas of the plc. The extra sca
  13. If the vent solenoids are AC, but driven by relays driven by the plc, then Joe T's suppression method is only for the RELAY coils. I suspect this is why you are mentioning higher amps on the supplies, as we were all thinking "relays" whilst you are thinking about "everything". If the solenoid coils are 24V dc then the diodes are fine. If the solenoid coils are AC then different supression is needed. cheers, Aus
  14. Please read this post and perhaps the rest of the topic: If you haven't yet found the Help files, they are the far right area of the Visilogic main menu bar.
  15. Hmmmm. You're saying that your PC doesn't have an ethernet port? !! If it's a USB adapter ensure all it's settings aren't putting it to sleep. Something to check and not that difficult to do, but would likely resolve the issue. Swap the USP from one that is working ok, and see what happens with them both running their own program, and then change over to the program written for the other. You can see that if the issue remains then it is not USP related. If the problem trails along the offending unit, then something is astray there. Incidentally, "no relay coil suppression" i
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