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  1. I agree a long while has gone past with nothing apparently being done. But as a Non-Unilogic user I don't know for sure....perhaps it has...I'm only going on what people say! That said, I think a work-around would be a virtual PC running concurrently. My virtual PCs are only XP and I don't think Unilogic would run on them, so I can't say for sure, but I reckon that a later Windoze version would work. Perhaps cut and paste might even work.....but I doubt it. Sometimes I have had actions possible b/n my virtual systems and the real one that I can't normally easily achieve . On the
  2. I know, I know, I'll have to change my naming conventions. By Help files I mean everything that's under the Help Tab . 😉 cheers, Aus
  3. Gili, if you haven't found it yet, there is a wealth of information in the Help files. In your case it can be found under the Contents tab, shown as HMI Displays. Many users completely miss the existence of the Help files, not knowing how useful they are. cheers, Aus
  4. Kratmel's card.......I'm still gobsmacked when I see a TIF card with 512GB. I point out to blase youngies how much separate stuff is actually crammed into that tiny space, and they still don't really seem that amazed. How times change. And let's all remember this is the stuff that's available off the shelf, not hidden away in some development lab. John's sliderule....There was a fantastic episode of "Utopia" here in Aus a while back. An older guy was brought into the office and was checking out project costs he thought hugely excessive, in no time at all. Did it all with a sliderule
  5. I was intrigued enough to play a little with different 130 types. If I choose a 33-T2 then any of the outputs used immediate don't throw up a compiler error. I would think on your duty cycle that it would be sufficient. I can't verify this, but it would seem that any 130 (and perhaps other Vision models) that has dedicated HSOs doesn't let you use them immediate, as the firmware only lets the system itself work "immediate" when the assignation in the HSO areas is filled in. So if you don't want to unsolder/resolder stuff (which I have done many times in the past as well!) then you
  6. Kratmel, what happens if you use the HSO PWM or Step Control further along the tab row, and control them slightly differently? In your screen shot you are selecting them in the normal output area. I think that doing that will automatically assign them as immediate outputs. Don't forget to remove the reference in the normal area. cheers, Aus
  7. There are also many topics in the forum about energy meter modbus issues people have had. cheers, Aus
  8. Patrick, I don't know the answer about data tables being available on boot, but I'm a bit with Cam on this one. I'd be letting the PLC stabilise for a few seconds on boot, and then apply things that can't only be done on startup. However, call me cautious, but in a situation like yours I'd be setting things up in a way that makes it impossible to "fiddle". I would use an MB or MI "code number" as the "Master Unit Setter" to set whatever Lane the unit is going into. This would only be accessible to someone who has access to Info mode via a good password, and not be normal HMI visible
  9. My impression is that you are trying to name the PLC " Lane 99 ". This means that MI230 is the first of the string, with the Letters " La ", but in reverse. I might have the needed reversal confused with other string needs, but this is the reason. If that shows up as reversed, then it would be H-4C61. Just for usefulness, I've attached the ASCII table I use. cheers, Aus
  10. edit on this.... Now about 12 hours later the forum went offline for a few minutes whilst I was finishing up doing another answer. On accessing the forum again without login, everything seemed ok. Some sort of gliche they've fixed? However, now about 1/2 hour after posting this edit, the odd behaviour is still there. All my posts this morning have disappeared from normal access. Yet they are all there if I log in. Ho Hum....... @Cara Bereck Levy Note after my above post. There are perhaps other answers above mine which might be saying the same thing as me, but I can't see
  11. What happens if you change your MB0 to SB2? At present it looks like you are calling this net every scan, which might be upsetting things. I also think you need to redo your vector. Try along the lines illustrated by MI230 being 24908 (H-614C). cheers, Aus
  12. LF, please have a look at this post. You might find a solution there. cheers, Aus https://forum.unitronics.com/topic/7302-anti-glare-for-touch-screens/?do=findComment&comment=29858
  13. Thanks Joe, I knew I'd seen it somewhere. As soon as you said "SB" I twigged. I'm so pleased this older brain is not imagining things. cheers, Aus
  14. We've all been there. I well remember my very first programs, done under candle-light whilst cranking my pedal generator. I would look at usage tables and notice lots of things starting at 1, with that blank space before them! 😉
  15. Yes there is, but it is limited to the amount of numbers it can work with. In simpler cases I often cascade things. cheers, Aus
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