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  1. I'm sure the next question someone asks will be, "What happens if I migrate from a V1040 to a V570/V350 project?"


    If you have a fully populated V1040 HMI and then switch hardware configs to the smaller resolution V570, you will get the warning below.


    Basically everything is okay in the top left portion of the screen when converting. Other information outside of that top left square will be lost.

  2. If the firmware ever becomes corrupted or you receive a blank beeping screen, the instructions below will fix the problem 99% of the time.

    Please put the controller into bootstrap mode and then follow the instructions below for manually reinstalling in “advanced†mode the firmware on the controller.

    Be certain to use the max baud rate of 115,200 and physical port 1 of the PLC.

    To Enter Bootstrap Mode:

    1. With the power to the PLC turned off, hold your finger down on the touch screen and plug the power in.
    2. With your finger still pressed down count for five seconds, then release and tap the screen twice.

    Try individually installing first just the Bin Lib, then just the Boot, then just the O/S all while in bootstrap mode.

    In between each step VisiLogic will ask if you want to send a run command, select no each time.


    After going through this three step process of Bin, Boot, O/S normal operation should be restored.

  3. Connecting to 3rd party HMI screens, either over serial or ethernet, is a relatively easy task.

    The most common way to talk between our PLC and the external HMI is to use the MODBUS protocol (RTU or TCP) to transfer data.

    Generally the Unitronics PLC will be the MODBUS slave and the 3rd party HMI will be the master polling.

    If you look in the examples folder of VisiLogic you will find full working applications for implementing MODBUS with our PLC's.

    FYI: We are releasing a 10.4" color touch screen PLC+HMI soon. (Vision 1040)

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