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EtherCAT--for Servo Motion, I/O, and 3rd-party devices! (UniStream PLCs only)

Cara Bereck Levy


EtherCAT! If you use UniStream PLCs models USC-B5 or USC-B10,EtherCAT.png
you can now easily integrate EtherCAT into your applications,
via our new EtherCAT master communication module.

This new module, UAC-01EC2, brings you the following benefits:

  • Simple, flexible, transparent system setup.
  • Easy wiring – reduce costs, minimize complexity.
  • 3rd-party devices easily integrated - just import the ESI.
  • Motion: via Unitronics UMD-xxxx-E3 servo drives, you can support up to 8 axes.
  • UniStream Remote I/O supports up to up to 8 Remote IO EtherCAT Adapters, URB-EC1; each adapter supports up to 16 standard UniStream Remote I/O modules.
  • Include a total of up to 32 EtherCAT nodes--all components are supported by  the EtherCAT Fieldbus.

Seamless integration with UniLogic – 2 clicks & you're ready to roll with EtherCAT!

A few words about Motion

Do you have an existing Motion application?

Adapt your CANopen Servo projects to EtherCAT—a few quick clicks in Hardware Configuration enable you to enjoy the same great features:

  • Totally transparent, automatic setup and management
  • Download Ready-Made Motion code and get moving immediately – No programming needed!
  • Diagnostics: view servo run-time performance via UniLogic’s built-in powerful, high-speed scope
  • Tune your system: using only one single parameter



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