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UniCloud: not just for Unitronics! Affordable, Do-It-Yourself IIoT for ANY Device!

Cara Bereck Levy


Hi people!

The team has been hard at work—and here is the result: now, you can easily integrate any PLC—or other devices that talk MODBUS, such as sensors—into UniCloud.  Our safe, secure, sophisticated IIoT platform is now available to any machine, process, or application—whether based on Unitronics' products or not—that connects to UniCloud via Unitronics’ UCR routers.

People, I want to tell you that in the world of IIoT, UniCloud is a total game-changer. IIoT Cloud platform implementation generally requires vast resources, time, and money. This has pushed Cloud services out of the reach of most machine builders and OEM--until now.

UniCloud is a completely different, simpler solution—the only DIY Cloud platform that requires no coding, zero Cloud expertise, and no knowledge of IT.

Why use Cloud services at all?

Cloud, IoT, IIoT, Industry 4.0--the industry trade magazines have been publishing articles with these buzzwords for years. It’s a bit confusing, but in reality, there is only one reason for you to ‘Go Cloud’: To increase PROFIT.

When you, the Machine Builder—or your business manager—can:

  • Provide customized dashboards to collect and analyze machine data
  • Cut Maintenance Costs with Predictive Maintenance
  • Use IIoT technology to Increase productivity
  • Set and measure KPIs, and use data to improve performance

When you can do all this easily, you can improve your organizational efficiency—and increase profit.


How is UniCloud different from other IIoT Cloud platforms?

IIoT Cloud platforms are notorious for needing major resources, time, and money to develop. Plus, they are complicated to define, produce, maintain, and modify.

This is the main reason for the reluctance of OEMs to implement IIoT Cloud—even as they realize the relevance and importance of their business.

UniCloud is a game-changer—it is based on a simple, Do-It-Yourself paradigm. UniCloud’s product manager, Ronny Or, lists a few of the unique attributes of the UniCloud platform:

  • Independence for the OEM
    With UniCloud, you can do it all independently—you can 'Do-it Yourself' quickly, easily, and without any need of IT specialists, Cloud experts, graphic designers—or any previous experience.
  • Reduced costs
    The ability to 'Do-it Yourself' means you don't need to pay staff to do it for you.
  • Reduced time drain
    There is no hassle--no running back and forth coordinating various specialists and professionals—and UniCloud’s drag & drop, no-code design means that you can do it yourself fast.
  • Easy maintenance and modifications
    You can easily restructure your organization—for example, add staff and assign them roles, add customers and create personalized dashboards for them.

 ‘Go Cloud’ in 30 minutes? How is this possible?

The UniCloud claim is that a user can have a working, live, fully-functional dashboard that harvests, analyzes, and displays data—in less than 30 minutes.

Unitronics made this possible by using the same approach to Cloud platforms that our R&D department uses for control and HMI software development.
The result is a simple, drag & drop paradigm that gives UniCloud a simple, easy-to-use interface that enables any machine builder to reap the benefits of IIoT for their business.

Try it yourself and see the simplicity—no charge, no credit card required!

Start Free Trial--no obligation or credit card required.




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