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Webinar! Learn Motion with Servo made Simple!!!

Cara Bereck Levy


Hey people! Move NOW - attend our Motion webinar :)

★Learn about Servo made Simple: the Unitronics Motion Solution that does the work for you★ 

★No motion programming knowledge needed!★

★It's FREE! ★

The webinar will be held on  November 23rd at 10:00 ET | 15:00 GMT  Click HERE to register!

(Can't make it?  Don't worry. We will send a recording to all registrants. )



It's smooth. It's simple. Our Motion Solution includes all the hardware you need - AC Drives, Motors, Cables both standard and robotic – all seamlessly supported by Unitronics’ PLCs, HMIs, & VFDs, and our software. You can enjoy the simplicity of obtaining all components from a single supplier, plus our efficient Ready-Made Motion code - read on to learn more!

About Servo Made Simple - Easy to Set Up, Painless to Program

Unitronics line of AC Servo drives and motors changes the traditional and complicated approach to Motion Control.

Our complete line of AC Servo drives and motors includes a surprisingly simple approach that enables you to implement Motion Control easily, with Ready-Made Motion code, Embedded Diagnostic tools, Automatic communication setup , and more easy-to-use features.

The offering includes 1 and 3-phase drives and motors, operating at a wide power range of 50W to 5,000W (0.06-6.7 HP) to suit any machine size, with robust, high-resolution built-in serial encoders (absolute: 23-bit, incremental: 20-bit), IP65.

Simplicity translates into solid profit

Unitronics  innovative approach that brings time-saving benefits to motion control:

·      No coding needed: Ready-Made Motion code, provided with every purchase, enables Unitronics’ customers to test their completed system; this code can be opened and adapted to other applications via PLCopen standard functions

·      One software for all project needs: set up and program PLC, HMI, Servo, VFD, and I/O—no need to struggle with multiple software tools to build an application with up to 8 axes

·      Automatic communication setup: absolutely seamless

·      Minimal room for error: our software automatically analyzes mechanical properties and recommends safe values for the user application

·      Diagnostics: our software includes a built-in powerful, high-speed scope to view servo run-time performance

·      Tune the system: using only one single parameter

·      Embedded Diagnostic tools: no PC needed. Via an HMI panel – or a virtual HMI screen on their mobile device – users can:

        -      Set motion parameters

        -      Monitor Axis behavior and I/Os

        -      Execute movements, such as Point-to-Point, Jog, and Homing

One Integrated Solution for Control & Automation

Unitronics’ Motion Control solution includes all the elements required for precise motion control: award-winning PLCs, HMIs panel, VFDs, I/Os, along with broad communication support, including Industry 4.0, and now Servo drives and motors.

All products are programmed in the same, easy to use software studio, giving users a complete solution for control and automation from one supplier.



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