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  1. No easy out. The Data Table is the way to go. Joe T.
  2. The current date and time are bundled together in the SI registers so that a four digit number represents hours and minutes and/or month and day in a single number. You're going to have to do some math to strip them apart by dividing by 100 and then extracting the remainder out of SI 4. Post your program so we can have a look. Joe T.
  3. I would not continually force a value to the PID status register. The PID block should write that value all by itself to report what it's doing. Here's how I do PID- I also always make something on another screen to allow manual tuning- As far as manual tuning goes, I posted this a while back- Manual loop tuning 101: Start with Kp = 100 (10.0%) and Ki = 0. Then start lowering Kp until the process starts to just ring around the setpoint. If it overshoots wildly you need a bigger Kp. Measure the time between peaks. This is the natural c
  4. @t0r3r0s - please don't post the same problem in more than one place. Joe T.
  5. Is the screen totally blank? For starters, look in the Help under topic "bootstrap" on how to get the PLC into a mode where it will be more cooperative. A V280 is a standard PLC, as opposed to a V570 which is an enhanced unit. The suggestions here don't necessarily apply. The default baud rate for a V280 is 57600. Visilogic does not automatically try this baud rate, but relies on what the user sets it to. Joe T.
  6. No, there's not and you are definitely in the deep end of the pool. PCOM has become a legacy thing with the development of UniStream and I wouldn't expect any updated documentation to appear on the website. I looked over the PCOM document and the section on Data Tables is pretty short and ambiguous, as you have found. The fact that the newest PLC listed in it is a V280 is not encouraging. For your specific question, all Unitronics timers in a Vision are 0.01 timers with 32 bit values for the preset and accumulator. The HH:MM:SS.ss display is done in the software so us humans can under
  7. Do you have the wired Enable signal on the drive terminals connected (DI0)? Joe T.
  8. I thought this sounded familiar. Your Modbus words probably need to be swapped to have the correct value. Notice I said WORDS, not bytes. Keep in mind that Buffer data types are 8 bits (bytes), while Modbus returns registers in 16 bit words. This is VERY IMPORTANT - have you been able to actually read a value from your meter? What is that value? Do you know what the corresponding floating point value is? There is no right answer to this. I know you're trying very hard to get a firm definition, but the byte and word order on a floating point number varies from manufa
  9. I looked up IEEE 754 regarding Modbus and it seems that it's a standard floating point format, which is 32 bits. Have you tried reading it into a REAL data type? Joe T.
  10. I found when I went to move a program from Vision to UniStream that there were a significant number of differences between the way Vision does things and the way UniStream does things. Some function blocks available in Vision do not exist in UniStream, such as PWM. Data tables are different as well, for example. Tags and structure variables are a whole 'nother topic in the differences. You have to go back and look at your program and translate it, unless you choose "New (Pre-Defined Tags)" which will create arrays of tags with the same names as the Vision series. This
  11. My personal field setup is my ancient (+10 years old) Dell D830 running Win 7 with updates turned off. I use this particular unit because it still has a serial port and I have a lot of installed Unitronics base that still only has RS232 ports, and the direct connection with a real interrupt just works better. A modern laptop works well, too, but turning the updates off is still a key to long term usability with no surprises. I've used a program recommended by Ausman called Winaero that allows you to turn Win 10 updates off. The only problem with this is other Win 10 apps somehow cal
  12. I have a docking station for my Dell D830. When the laptop is docked the video characteristics of the system are different from when it is undocked. As it is locking up especially when you view the graphics editor I'd lean toward a Windows graphics driver problem. First - has this ever worked on the laptop by itself? Did a Windows update start the problem? What kind of laptop do you have? Do you have another laptop you can try this on? Joe T.
  13. Modbus TCP would be the way to go. Get an Ethernet card for the V430 and set it up as a Modbus Slave. I did a quick search an found a Python Modbus library called pyModbus that should work for you. Joe T.
  14. 32767 is an open circuit. You have a wiring problem, the jumpers are set wrong, or the PLC is bad. In that order. Joe T.
  15. The asterisks mean the data value is larger than the digits configured on the HMI. If you go online with the PLC, what is the value in the MI register assigned to that input? Joe T.
  16. I have talked to an M90 via RS232 from a PC, so you can certainly do it with a Pi. Code has to be added to the M90's program to receive serial data as you describe. You will need the M90 program for this - do you have it? An M90 is not an expensive piece of hardware - I would recommend you get another one for testing and then you'll have a spare. You'll also need a serial cable - part number RS232-CBL. You should be able to upload the program from the M90 - there wasn't a lot of copy protection in place when these were made. Joe T.
  17. It's probably not going to work. All the Unitronics Visilogic code and drivers are written in VB6, which doesn't play well with 64 bit applications. I've had the same problem at one of my customers with Office, and I pretty much put my foot down that they had to stay with the 32 bit version. I'm sure their IT department thinks I'm a Neanderthal and why can't I just get with the times. Send a request to Official Unitronics Support at support@unitronics.com and let us know what they come back with. Joe T.
  18. You do know you can set a data table column as a string type, don't you? Then it's just a matter of specifying MI 350 in your Data Table write row block. The block will take care of the vector length. I've done a very similar application, but I put the employee IDs in one table and then had them log in at the beginning of the shift and searching the table for their user level. I copied that to a buffer and stamped that ID along with other pertinent data on the into production table. Upload your program so we can have a look, or PM me if you don't want to share. Joe T.
  19. I took a quick look at that particular video and it is unfortunately a less than stellar example of a tutorial. @PeterT -I would still encourage you to check out the videos to get yourself more up to speed on how Visilogic works, but what you're looking for is a binary text object. The color on these can be externally controlled and I often use them in place of buttons for this kind of function. Control the color itself with your alarm bit or a copy of it and then assign another bit to the touch property to acknowledge the alarm and turn the color controlling bit back off. I
  20. On a V350 it's either Ethernet OR COM 2. Not both. Joe T.
  21. Is this Win 10? Did you install the latest version of Remote Access or a previous one? Joe T.
  22. I don't know the mechanics of why, but often when one of the Unitronics programs starts throwing up errors I run the Visilogic Version Swapper for the same version I'm using and it fixes things. Give it a try. Joe T.
  23. Flex and I are both known to snap at people for asking for "example code". There's a fine line between "point me in the right direction" and "do it for me so I can implement it and call it my own to my boss". It's an old programmer's attitude that's acquired, like the taste for Scotch. Anyway, what you need to become familiar with is the concept of implied decimal places. You can do amazing things with integers but you need to track your powers of 10 and know in your calculations that a number is 10 or 100 times bigger to "imply" 0.0 or 0.00 precision. When you're doing your calcu
  24. I spoke to Norm on the phone and determined that he is trying to update the firmware on his USC-B10-B1. You need to create an additional file called an "Action file" on the USB drive to do this. There is a detailed procedure in UniLogic Help. Here's where to find it: Search "PLC firmware" Select Rank number 3 - "UniStream PLC (PLC without HMI Panel). The directions to create Action files are here. Joe T.
  25. 😄 He obviously didn't see the Pole Warning Cone put there for his protection. Joe T.
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