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  1. The panel feet really are handy. Unfortunately, as you've described, the chef took them out of the oven before they were done. The instructions really need to have an addition that you need to provide your own retainer: That's my V1210 with a panel foot and a wadded-up piece of toilet paper to keep it in place. If you want me to make you one I'll assign a JTA part number to it - I'm thinking $9.99 ea. Cigar ashes included at no extra charge. 6-8 week delivery. 😄 Joe T.
  2. There is no Unitronics simulator. That is an ancient link that worked for a while but I'm guessing Ash abandoned the project. @Cara Bereck Levy - this question about the non-existent VirtualPLC simulator comes up from time to time. Should we just delete these posts from the forum? Joe T.
  3. IP addresses in UniStream generally are not something you can change from ladder code. I'd send this question to support@unitronics.com. Joe T.
  4. Yes, you can use the VNC server on the PLC with a VNC client on a computer on the same network to operate it. Joe T.
  5. OK, I was completely on dope. I realized in approving a post today that UniPics is indeed installed with UniLogic. I didn't know where it was. Take a look at this post: To further confirm that I am losing my mind, I actually answered the question correctly in 2018. That was so three years ago. Sorry. Joe T.
  6. Notice the path in Saragani's post above. "C:\Program Data" is a hidden folder, so if you don't have the properties in Explorer set to see hidden folders you won't be able to view it. When you're in an HMI screen the "Image Elements" toolbox appears. I'm guessing you've already got this far. It gets a little tricky when you click the "..." box under the Image property: I incorrectly stated in another post that UniPics don't get installed with UniLogic. You just have to know where to look for them. When you click on the "..." box, the open dialog appears. You then have to select "Unitronics UniLogic: Clicking the little ">" Expand Object thingy reveals the secret location: Joe T.
  7. I've been chasing the Z pulse problem for many years without a good solution. Your use of the second HSC as shown above is definitely workable. Without a Z input built into the HSC you really can't get great precision on the reset as you mention. Google up "24V pulse stretcher". There aren't a lot of commercial products out there that will do this, but we've gone as far as roll our own circuits mounted in relay housings and wired to regular inputs when we don't have that second HSC available. The 1.25 ms interrupt works for any of the on-board inputs. Joe T.
  8. Sounds like you're in the same boat I am but in a different section. See this post- You didn't mention how fast the communication has to run. In my case it's slow (about 1 minute update is fine) so I can set up a slave table and loop through it without affecting scan time. The Modbus Advanced Ladder Functions are not for the faint of heart or the neophyte but they do allow a lot more flexibility. Joe T.
  9. So I learned something new about UniStream regarding Modbus. I called Support and asked about this topic and they said "Joe - you can do that with Advanced Modbus Functions." ??? In UniLogic, go to Project->Options and check "Show MODBUS Advanced Ladder Functions" This is unchecked by default when you install UniLogic. There's some other fun stuff on this screen regarding the IP defaults. These functions are not documented in the Help. NOTE - if you're new to Modbus, use the Protocol -> Modbus tables method in UniLogic; it's so much easier for basic operations. Stop reading this now. If you start your post with "I'm new to UniLogic and Modbus and I have questions on Advanced Modbus Functions" I will criticize you in public. . . . . OK - if you're still here, download the UniLogic examples and look at Communication->UniStream_070_Modbus_TCP_advanced.ulpr. You'll see a similarity to the old Visilogic way of doing Modbus but UniStream uses two special data types called "Modbus Request" and "Modbus Request Descriptor". You assign tags using these structs and then stuff them with what you'll need to manually fire them out of the Ethernet port. You'll need to define a TCP client to work with this. Of course, our old Visilogic friends "TCP Connect" and "TCP Disconnect" are still involved, although the example doesn't bother disconnecting. This will need to be added to talk to multiple slaves. The code in the example is heavily connected to the included HMI screens and it works well as downloaded. There's a lot of mixing of reading, writing, and function selecting out of necessity to the example application. I'm going to try to condense this into a couple of UDFB's that are more single purpose and streamlined. I'll let everyone know how it goes. Joe T.
  10. Grouping and active status is all about using your imagination. Modbus is just the method for data transport - like a piece of paper, it doesn't care what's written on it. Your challenge will be to define the data, the data transfer rules, the operator interface, oh, and don't forget the actual machine control. If you haven't dug into the UniStream software yet (UniLogic) I'd recommend looking at the Help on SQL, Data Tables, and Modbus for a much more detailed explanation of what you can do. Joe T.
  11. Sounds like you're still trying to flesh out a solution to your application. I'm trying to pull the actual questions out of your post. Let me know if I did - Yes. Use Modbus TCP to throw data between the units. Yes. By design the UniStream can't go out to the network and read/write files - that would be a security nightmare. We don't need a PLC with the ability to deposit a ransomware payload within the plant. You can enable the FTP server on the UniStream, and what I tell people to get files from their corporate network onto the UniStream is to have a script running somewhere that copies the file in need to the UniStream. The only "file - ish" transaction UniStream can initiate is a SQL Query. In order for this to work the UniStream must be set up in the SQL database as a user with certain permissions. This offloads the security responsibility to someone else. Joe T.
  12. That would be true for Visilogic. Basic Timers and Actions is a UniLogic example, which does not include an image library in the standard installation. The easiest thing to do is to download and install Visilogic so you get the image library as Alex describes. You'll see that the ImagesC directory contains an EMF and a UniPics directory. UniLogic uses most image files but not .EMF types, so you'll have to convert those in an external program if you want to use them. The UniPics images can be used in UniLogic. Joe T.
  13. I'm with kratmel on this. Time to dig deeper under the hood on that PC. A device driver may be installed that is causing a conflict but doesn't appear in Device Manager because it's not plugged in. It could also be outdated and you don't even know it. Unplug all your USB devices and try this: COMMAND LINE | To show hidden devices in Device Manager Click Start>Run. Type cmd.exe in the textbox and click OK. Type set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 and hit ENTER. Type cd\windows\system32 and hit ENTER. Type start devmgmt.msc and hit ENTER. When the device manager opens, click the View menu. Click Show Hidden Devices. Right-click all the ghosted devices and uninstall them. The Silicon Labs driver included with Visilogic may be outdated depending on which version of Windows you have. There is more than one version of Windows 10. This has happened to me and others, thanks to M$oft's incessant update policy. Install this latest driver directly from the manufacturer's website: https://www.silabs.com/documents/public/software/CP210x_Universal_Windows_Driver.zip Plug the PLC back in. Let us know how it goes. Joe T.
  14. Also - try changing your speed to 115200. Joe T.
  15. Thanks for the detailed reply. So the computers are OK. The USB port on the V570 is connected to an internal USB to serial converter that is tied to COM 1 on the PLC. If the PLC is busy talking to something on the RJ12 COM 1 port it will lock out the USB port. Is this the case for you? Do you have another PLC you can power up and test with your computers? Joe T.
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