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  1. Hi, yes, ok... I probably send the version of the software with this values... I was triying something, that's why... But instead of that, in Start of Vector I have "9", refering to the Address of "DEC 9" from the Manual and for Lenght I have "2", refering to the lenght of 2 Words from the Manual. And also I have a reset MB3, at the end of this network, i.e after the R.I.R FB.
  2. Hi Flex, thanks for the answer...but it's not clear for me, when you say that I'm reading 65 registers... How do I do that? Where can I see that? According to me: If you go to page 85 from the Manual from the indicator ( Input Registers) all I want to do is to read from Address Register 30010, i.e Dec 9. That's why in Unitronics Software R.I.R FB for Start of Vector I have "9", pointing to this start address. And for Vector Lenght I have "2", pointing to the Lenght of 2 Words (from the Manual of the Indicator for Address Dec 9 and Lenght 2 Word). Is my logic complete false or?
  3. Hi guys, I'm having a little problem here...I have a V700 and a weighing indicator XT1000 (www.thames-side.com). I'm using modbus RTU communication between these to devices. I have prepared my code and it seams that I have communication established, but still I can't read any data from the weighing indicator. I'm not sure where my mistake is...Is it by defining the reading registers or the length or ... Because at the output from Modbus R.I.R FB I'm not getting any error, i.e I'm getting for the Status Message "0", which means Status is OK and from MODBUS CONFIG FB Out Variable "Function in Progress" I'm getting also "0", that means the PLC and the Indicator have established the communication. Can someone from you guys help me? Or just to refer me where should I look for my mistake... I'm attaching the Project that I have and a Manual from the Weighing indicator. Vaga_Funkcionira.vlp UPUTSTVO-ZA-INDIKATOR-VAGA-XT1000-SA-PROTOKOLOM-KOMUNIKACIJE-MODBUS (1).pdf
  4. Hi to all, can anyone help me please... I have Intouch SCADA and Unitronics PLC. I want to create timers on the SCADA, and the same timers to transfer to the software in the PLC. FOr example, as I'm doing for Memory variables and Inputs and Outputs (in Item Name in Intouch I write:iMIxxx, iOIxxx, where xxx is the numer of the variable). Know I want to do the same also for the timer (for example in the SCADA iTD35 should be the same timer in the plc TD35). But the sintax is not corect and the OPCLink gives me an error. Does anyone knows, how can I do this? What is the correct sintax for timers from Intouch to Unitronics?
  5. Hi Henny, You are right...you didn't solve my problem:) But I'm thankful for the effort. About your questions... For communication, I'm using Ethernet, because I know that the serial communication is slower then ethernet. About your question what I'm doing when the communication is lost between Plc and Hmi. So, I have made a script in the Intouch, so where there is no communication for X time an Alarm is generated, and the operator knows that there is no communication. About the third part, unfortunatly I don't have another PLC in this moment, so I can't test my Intouch aplication with another Plc. But the same Intouch aplication I have used before and I didn't have such problems. My doubts are still in the UniOPC... Anyone else have had issues with Intouch? Thanks,
  6. Hello, Henny thanks for the replay, I will try with a different OPC as you mentioned, and I will get back the results. Sgull, I have done that already. So, I have communication between PLC and SCADA, that is not my problem, because when I give a command from SCADA to the PLC, it is going well, no problems. But, the problem that I have is when I should receive a feedback from the PLC to the SCADA. I have worked before with Intouch, and I didn't have this kind of problems (the PLC was Siemens S7-300 and S7-400). So by me, the problem is in the Uniopc. So, if someone have had this kind of problem before, or if someone have any idea I should try on, please tell me, I'll be very grateful. Thanks ones again,
  7. HI guys, I'm finishing a project that includes Unitronics PLC V130-33-T38 and Wonderware Intouch Scada. I have successfully made the communication part between the PLC (Unitronics) and the PC (Intouch), it is communicating, but I still have problems: 1. When I set a command from the PC to the PLC, there is no problems so far, but when I should receive an information from the PLC to the PC, I have problems. The time for refreshment is too long (ex. 3,4 seconds). For example: I hit MB10 from PC as a command to start the motor. The motor starts, and as an information I should receive MB29 from the PLC that the motor started, but this variable i'm getting it after 3,4 second, sometimes more. 2. Also in UniOPC Server Event Log, I can see only the items that are going from the PC to the PLC, but not other way around. So, I see that MB10 has been written to item MB10 (Success), but I can't see any info about MB29. So, I'm not sure where to look for the problem, is it Intouch or UniOPC, or OPCLink. I don't know where to start looking. I have tried something with the time intervals in UniOPC and Intouch but the result was the same. Thanks,
  8. Hi Joe, sorry for not answering you before... The Flowmeter has data pulses per liter, and it is configurable, it can be 1/10/100/1000 liters per pulse. Here are also the Technical char.: The Cable lenght between the PLC and the Flow Meter is cca 10 meters. 5. TECHNICAL FEATURES Contact type Normally open Normally closed GSD5-R GMB-RP-R GSD8-R GSD8-45-R GMDX-R WDE-K30-R TAN-X5-R Material of the REED contact Rhodium Maximum switching power ( W ) 10 Maximum switching current ( V ) 100 Maximum switching resistance ( A ) 5 Contact resistance ( Ohm ) max 1 Breakdown voltage ( V ) min 150 Insulation resistance ( Ohm ) min 109 Operating time ( ms ) max 5 Releasing time ( ms ) max 3 Capacity ( pF ) max 5 Resonance frequency ( Hz ) min 5000 Operating temperature ( ° C ) -60 y125 Max frequency ( Hz ) max 400 IP protection 66 Cable lenght 3mt
  9. Hello Joe, For my project I need to use a Flow meter for measuring the water. I have found some Flow meters (ABB, KROHNE etc.) that have 4-20mA output that I can use to connect to my PLC. But, all of these are too expensive, the customer doesn't want to buy any of them. In other case, I have found a Flow Meter that has pulse output and it says that it can be connected to a PLC. In Attach I'm sending you zip from the same. 1. Can you tell me, if I'm doing the right choice? 2. If I'm, than, can you tell me, should I use normal Input to the PLC? Should I use FB Immediately Read Input or not, or should I use High Speed Input? 3. If I'm not doing the right choice, can you tell me what to use for Flow meter? Thanks in advace, IMPULSE DEVICES instructions - ENG.zip
  10. Thanks Joe for the advice, You are correct about timers, but I'm doing this because I don't need a coil of the timer, and because I don't have in Unitronics only contact from the timer, I'm using the timers as coil and contact and so far is working OK. For |P| and |N| I did't know that I have to have a coil reference to it. As I said before, this is my first time with Unitronics. With Siemens and ABB it is not like that, also for the timers:) How ever, I can try follow your advice and see what will happen. Thanks, again...
  11. Hi Joe, Have you look into my program? Do you have any suggestions about my question? Thanks,
  12. Betonerka_Gostivar_27022014.vlpHere... The problem that I had is in 08 Recepies- Network 4,5,6,7...and every where where I have (P) or (N) contacts. For (P) contacts I put TD timers, but I don't know what to put for (N). You can also see that the subrutine is called in Main Routine. Any ideas? Thanks,
  13. Hi guys, I'm not pritty sure about this serial connection, so I was thinking to connect with this measuring indicator through 4-20mA. But, now I have another doubt... 1. If I connect measuring indicator to the PLC to analog input 4-20mA (version of the PLC is V130-33-38), I should use the Linearization Function Block, correct? For input value I should choose the MI/ML from the HW card, where I connect the wire for 4-20mA? But, because is MI (integer), on output of the LINEAR block should I recive the value in decimal, or hole number? 2. Why Positive/Negative Transition Contacts are not working? Neither of this contacts are working, no Positive no Negative contact. Can you tell me what I can use as a replacement for this contacts? For example for Positive Transition Contact I can use Timer Coil (TE), but for Negative Transition Contact I don't know what can I use, because there is no such timer that is activated on negative edge. Regards,
  14. Joe, thanks for your replay, I have seen the manuals about what you said. But I still have one thing not clear... I have a Vision 130 PLC. On this PLC I have a RS232 port, looks like telephone cable connector (port on which I can connect the Unitronics MJ10-22-CS25 cable). On the document that I send it to you (LD5250, page 14), there is pinout for the serial cable RS232C. On this MJ10-22-CS25 cable the pinout is different. Now, what is my question, can I make a cable with an appropriate pinout and use the same port in the PLC? I can make a cable with a standard serial conector from one side to connect to the LD5250, and from the other I can use a connector same as MJ10-22-CS25 cable to connect to the PLC. Can I do this, or I need to buy a new serial card for the PLC? thanks in advance,
  15. Hi guys, I'm still working on my project. So I have a PLC V130. On the other side, I have a Weighing Indicator that I want to communicate with through RS232. I need to read 4 weighing values from this indicator in the PLC, so I can use them in my calculation program. But I'm not very sure how to do that! The weighing Indicator has very poor documentation and for RS232 communication it says: I'M SENDING PART OF THE MANUAL IN ATTACH (page 35 and 36). So, what I have tried so far is: 1. I have created in the PLC program for reading the values from the weighing indicator. I don't know if this is the way, but as I saw it is not working! I attached a pic with the ladder (see attach) 2. Connected the PLC and Weighing Indicator with the same cable that I have got along with the PLC for serial communication; So, my questions are: 1. Can someone explain me how to do this communication? How to configure the software in the PLC? Where and what to look for? 2. Is there any example program for this kind of communication except those in Examples in the Unitronics Software? If you do need some more information, I'm here... Thanks in advance, Technical Manual LD5250.pdf
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