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  1. In help file it is said that after using the Save DTI to SD you need to wait at least 15 seconds. You do not need to simultaneously save to sd as you write to the table, after you have written all the values, save the DTI to SD, wait 15 secs minimum and then continue.
  2. If one's printer supports ePrint, then sending email with attached screenshot is one way to do it for printing an image. I have not tried it yet, but theoretically it should work for images at least.
  3. Hello, I have been wondering. Has anyone ever needed to enable the end user to somehow print the screenshots from graphs? If yes, then how did you manage to make it work? From what I found out, one can send messages to the printer, can send txt files, but so far, I have not found a way to make it print the screenshots. I already asked support, and seems there is no official way. Or is the only option to send it trough mail and make the end user print it from PC? Edit: If having more info is ever gonna make a difference, I am using UniStream PLC USP-156-B10 with an HP LaserJet printer M203dn, connected trough Ethernet, which supports PCL 5, PCL 6, and (pen plotter control command ) HP-GL/2, also FTP printing, LDP printing, 9100 Printing, IPP printing, IPPS printing, AirPrint, WS-Print. I have sent text messages trough the TCP Printer Example, and trough the FTP client example successfully to be printed.
  4. Hello, not sure if this goes here, but I saw that before me people have added such. Here are my suggestions: 1. For the HMI trends to be able to choose whether to hide the buttons "Run", "Next Curve", especially "History" and "Take screen shot", just like some of those options exist in the HE:Trend - > FIFO style. 2. For the XY trend to have the "View Data Point" as well, and also to be able to choose whether to show or hide it, here and on the other kind of trends. 3. A way to Safely Remove USB/DOK just like File Browser has. For example, there could be such an HE element called "Safe removal of DOK", or some ladder element for this option. 4. A way to be able to change the black background of the Trends, or just enable the user to choose between white and black, eventually with the white to have a black default border to divide it from the surrounding buttons and labels. 5. Somewhere in the help file (for example, at the explanation of the timers, or at "downloading/uploading a project") to be written how the main screen is loaded upon power up or change of project, and that on downloading an update of the project will first load the last screen and then the main one. I, as a newbie with UniLogic and UniStream, have lost so much time thinking that my splash screen logic was faulty, or that there is a bug (cause I didn't have such problems with Visilogic). If there is such an explanation in the help file, I would be grateful if someone could point it up to me. Thank you, Nanashi
  5. Hello Leen, You could try with Message Composer, I think it is not the best way to do such things, but I can't think of a better way. You can see the example "Log to File" in UserLogs folder.
  6. Hello, Is there a way to add in one file a screenshot from the Data Sampling with the data from table? I know there is a function of Data Sampling creating a CSV file, but I need the information of the CSV file to be together with the graph/s, ready for printing. How can I implement that? Do I need to make it into text file, or should I use the "C function" option, or is there something else? I would be grateful if someone answers, even if it is a negative answer.
  7. Hello I am fairly new in UniStream and still can't find my footing. What I want to do is to store file first into CSV on SD, then to UDTF and later to read the UDTF file on a Data Table. But, when i try to convert the CSV into UDTF I keep getting "-4" as status. I tried this function on the example for Data Table, with me first making a csv file with "Store DTI to File", next trying to convert the made file into UDTF, but the end status is "-4". I have read the CSV file on the computer, and it has what the original UDTF table has, so that should not be the problem. Is there something I am doing wrongly? It would be great if someone could advise me on this. Also, after rereading many times the help file, I have this question: why can't one write '0' for "Parameter E"? I agree, that if one converts the csv from a created file with "Store DTI to File", one should for sure delete the first column, so that the table could read the new UDTF. But what about if one makes a CSV file like the one in the "Log to File" example in the "UserLogs" folder? I have attached the added rungs on the "Indexed Data Table" example I made. I am using USP-156-B10. On the example HMI, I have added 2 buttons: 1st for Storing as CSV, 2nd for converting CSV into UDTF.
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