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  1. Hello , is there is a restriction on the number of files in the directory "/data tables" on SD card?
  2. Thank you for your response Could you describe the process?
  3. How to convert a number to string ?
  4. Hi. Will be the V1040 with flat.panel for the food industry? Will it be possible to use PROFIBUS for this device? This PLC is used in 90 % of my applications. Does the VISION batch have prospects for new applications, or is it in decline? Range of UniStream doesn't suit me dimensionally.
  5. Hi Which type of communication modules RS485-modbus RTU is suitable for Samba 7" ? It can be used V100-17-RS4X ?
  6. Hi, I have problem with connection to PC-PLC JZ10-J-UA24. I can't connect via JZ-RS4. I think this problem happend after setting SI140 = 600. I'm able to connect when i set up PLC to Bootstrap-mode, but there is only Update OS available. It's impossible to download my program with SI140=599 - it's impossible to connect. In info-mode it shows SI140=0 and i just can't modify it. Thank you for your help.
  7. Communication task operates without a single error (status == 0), data is not lost, just not in force at the time of registration (NEt 3 in the picture).
  8. Thank you for your reply, but it didn't really help. I need to know in which exact moment are the loaded data valid in the succesfull end of procedure readcoil.Meanwhile after the end of every communication master-slave i have to wait some"undefined" time. It's not very sophisticated solution.
  9. Please could you explain how works the timing when i use modbus-master RTU. Right after the end of communication with slave (procedure readcoils), data won't update.In memory (MB1200...) there are data from the previous communication. When i try to load them with delay 10 ms then they are updated. what is the guaranteed period of validity of data? Or what should i do to guarantee validity of a data? Task is in attachment. target : V1040 visilogic: 9.7.44
  10. ​Please send me more specifications about application ​Enhanced PLC Webserver.vlp. If is it possible, please publish or send the table of variables in closed tasks. I don t have close info about buffer capacity, used strings width, without is it really hard to do that. Thank you.
  11. SMS SEND returns:SEND FAIL BITMAP ==1 if I send characters 1234567890123 ...> 70 characters and it is not sent. If I send characters 1234567890123 ... <70 messages are sent and FAIL BITMAP == 0 In the CONFIGURATION SMS language = ENGLISH
  12. How many characters can contain Sending SMS.Help states 160 characters (English). When I try to send more than 70 characters (English) an error will fail bitmap.SMS not sent. V570 + modem ENFORA
  13. Please table of error codes Status Messages feature CONFIG SMS
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