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  1. Hi Eyal, it is possible to implement SNMP protocol for Unistream HMI+PLC? Regards, Vane.
  2. hi, I did that, but i does not work the way i want it. For example, I wan to be able to set a bit, every day in 12:00 AM. What should my input be in the schedule structure? Thanks
  3. I want to trigger an action in a specific time of the day, that i would define. For that I want to use the schedule function. Can you explain how to use this function, because there is no info in the help files.
  4. Hello I want to know is there a way to determine how much of my operand memory I'm using?
  5. I have a problem with the local tags in my UDFB. They don't change their state. For example, when I try to set a coil that has a local tag, the local tag's value remains unchanged (zero). I am using the latest version of unilogic. What can I be doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
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