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  1. Normally that would work, but not in this case because the experiment is highly sensitive and the instruments are likely to have some noise associated with them. You might get an abnormally large or small run which would throw off the range if it was taking every one into account. The way I have gotten around this is to store the 100 values into a vector, sort them from smallest to largest, cut off the top and bottom 5% (to remove extreme outliers), and then get the range from the higest and lowest one in the set.
  2. Hello, My project involves filling a data table with real time data, and in order to progress through the experiment it needs to read the last 100 values recorded, sort them, and then get the resultant range. So I only need to read the last 100 values of the column I am currently fillling up during the program, but I only see a function that copies the entire row to a vector. This wouldn't work as the column has more numbers than the MI memory has operands. Is there any way to only put part of a column into a vector? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thank you, this helped a lot!! One more quick question that came up, is there a way to write an instruction in the code itself to reset every possible MB bit to 0, like you would if you initialized the PLC in info mode?
  4. Hello, I am designing a rig for a very fast, time sensitive experiment. The end result is to have a plot with pressure change versus time, so it needs to measure on the order of miliiseconds. I have a Vision 570, and the newest software. I already am able to take ~10 ms increment data and store it into a data table. Is there any way to record the RTC in milliseconds and store that in the data table as well? The system Integers don't seem to have that precision. Note: I do NOT want the scan time resolution, I want the actual time the data point is being taken, so I will need either a timer or real time clock that has this precision. Thanks in advance!!
  5. Thanks!! I ended up being able to figure out the port issue, and uploaded a corrected program and am able to use the Online debugger now, thanks for the support!
  6. Hello, if someone can help me it would be great! I just got the V-570 PLC and had it wired up to my inputs and outputs, and wanted to test it out. I have two issues I need to fix: First I tried to upload my project to the SD card, and put it in the PLC and run it. I wanted to see if I could just do basic screen navigation first. However, when I ran the program, after clicking on the first screen, it glitched out and turned a solid blue with no buttons. I figured it was a coding error on my part, but how do I take the program off of the PLC and restore it to the little animation sequence it had when I first turned it on? When I turn the maching off and on again it just goes back to the solid blue screen I had before. The second issue is, i figure to stop this from happening again I can debug it by the online test mode. However, when I followed the instructions to install the drivers and plugged the USB in, it said the port was not open and "may be used by another application". Is this a network firewall issue? I've attached the screen that comes up. If someone can help that would be great, I'm new to all of this and worried I might break something if I try to fix this myself. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, I am new to ladder logic and the Unitronics system, and I had two questions: 1) Is there any way to simulate a project WITHOUT connecting the PLC controller to it? I want to see how some of the example projects run but I don't have the actual console yet. 2) How would I make the program wait for a specific condition to be met before moving on with the code? For example, I want to open a valve, and then once the pressure goes down to a certain level, shut off the valve. However, if I use a positive contact saying "If pressure is <= x" and then write a coil that shuts the valve, won't the program just skip the rung (because in the beginning it would just evaluate as false) and end the program without waiting for the condition to be fulfilled? Thank you in advance!
  8. Hello, I recently installed visilogic, and created and saved a test project. When I tried to re-open the project, however, a message like the screenshot attached to this post came up. When I tried opening my project again, it said visilogic was already running, even though the program never loaded. I had to quit it through task manager, but the problem still occurs. Why is this? Not sure if this helps, but I saved my project ouside the visilogic directory. Thanks all!
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