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  1. Hi, Anybody had any success with the Advanced Web Server installation on a V1210 with IOATC8//AI8 and 2 x IO-D16A3-TO16 ? Would be great to share your experience. Thanks, Marius
  2. Hi, I tried to use the advanced web server downloaded from Unitronics website, but when I tried to compile it I had the following warnings: What impact will have in the web server functionality? I am using Visilogic 9.8.0 Built 0, on Windows 10, with a V1210 PLC. Thanks, Marius
  3. I had a similar issue with Visilogic and Windows 10. I fix it by disabling the UAC completely (from registry). Try to make 0 the following dword : EnableLUA =0 from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System Restart the system and see if the Visilogic works properly. Good luck, Marius
  4. Thank you very much Dan. I will check the webinar regarding the advanced web server. Cheers, Marius
  5. Hi, Anybody knows an option to control a V1210 PLC from a tablet/smartphone? I was looking at i2 Control 2.2.3 app (developed by iRidium Mobile), but not sure if could be integrated with Visilogic somehow (maybe modbus). Please share your thoughts. Thanks, Marius
  6. Hi, I am trying to get a linearisation between a MI and a timer. Basically I need to have the following sequence: T0=0 -> MI0=0 T0=3.25 -> MI0=1 T0=6.5 -> MI0=2 T0=9.75 -> MI0=3 T0=13 -> MI0=4 I need this kind of sequence for a Variable: List of Images. The entire sequence should be activated by a MB. Any idea on how to do this? I tried with a Drum FB but the output is in MBs. Cheers, Marius
  7. I am using Visilogic 9.7.60 with Windows 10 for couple of weeks already and no issues to be reported. Looks like the guys from Microsoft did not do huge changes in the Windows kernel, or the changes were very well tested. At the same time I am using Visilogic 9.7.60 on a Windows 7 (installed on a MacBook Pro) and works fine. There is any forecast to have Visilogic released for Mac OS X as well ? Cheers, Marius
  8. Hi Dave, Thanks for your reply. Your solution it worked for me. - I connected the sensor to a high speed input, - I configured the high speed input as Frequency measurement 1000 ms - I used a MI to read the pulses from the high speed input - I calculated the wind speed (in km/h) using the following formula: Number of pulses per rotation = 21 Lenght of circle = 0.125664 m Wind Speed = 0.125664*(((MI (PulsesPerSecond) *3600)/21) Thanks all for help. Marius
  9. Hi Cantcliff, Thanks for reply. The way you are saying sounds very simple, but for a newbie (like me) is not I have a Counter (C1) which shows me the number of rotations of the vent. My issue is that I am not sure on how to use the Visilogic ladder in order to take the value of the counter (C1) at every 60 seconds and to put it in a math formula that will calculate the number of rotations / 60 seconds. After that it will be easy to calculate the wind speed using the following formula: Wind Speed = L*RPM L(circle length)=3,1416*D(circle diameter) Please be patient as I am
  10. Coming back. I am able to read the number of rotations of the vent. Now, I am struggling to calculate the speed of the vent. I tried to have a look in the examples, webinars and here on forum, but I could not find anything useful. Do you guys, have any idea on how to put the number of rotations in a time frame in order to calculate the rpm (rotations per minute) ? Probably is something simple, but I can not find a way at this moment. Cheers, Marius
  11. Hi Cantcliff / Damian, Thank you for your input. It helped me to find the issue. First one it was the jumper settings in the AIO module. Second one it was a loose connection between sensor and AIO module. Now, I am able to read values in the PLC. Unfortunately, the PLC is reading a value of 1234 when I am reading with a voltmeter from the sensor a value of 2.999V and a value of 648 when I am reading with voltmeter from the sensor a value of 1.566V. The output range of the sensor is between 0-3V. The AI Mode is configured on Fast. Not sure if in the PLC I have to read exactly the v
  12. Hi guys, I have an IO-ATC8/AI8IO module, connected to a V1210 PLC. I am trying to read the values from a humidity sensor which has the output 0-3V in an AI0 of the above module. The AI0 is configured as 0-10V Type, No Filter, Normal Mode. I am reading this value in a MI10 operand. The issue is that I am reading in PLC the following values: 5 or 6. Reading with a voltmeter directly from the sensor's output, I am able to read the output voltage values properly (0-3V, and changing the humidity around the sensor, the voltage read with the voltmeter is changing accordingly). Do you
  13. Hi, Thanks all for your reply. Appreciate your help. I will try with a proximity sensor 24 V to read in a high speed input, and after that I have to play with the logic and maths. Cheers, Marius
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