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  1. Hello. I have a program that isn’t that large but is repeated multiple times for multiple devices of the same type. I wanted to make a UDFB were I would only have to pass in a struct of the device but because I have to use Negative and Positive Transition Contacts many time throughout the program then I have had to have each device in its one Region. Isn’t there a way to use PTC and NPC inside UDFBs? Regards
  2. Hi, I am wondering how to send two or more SDOs, one after the other. In attachment is a image of how I have been trying to do it. It awys just sends the first one in the network. I have tried putting them in series, parallel and in different rungs. I realize that the setup i have is not working out because, while the first one is sending then the "SDO in progress bit" goes high and then it skips the other one. Is there an easy way of doing this? Some thing that would trigger the second one to go of as soon as the first one is done.
  3. Hi Ofir, I set the node id on a software via RS232 and save it to EEPROM on the Mc. I don’t think it is possible to change the Node id using SDO, I at least don’t know how that would be done. I will send you my code, the EDS file and a step-by-step description with snapshots of the CAN sniffer as I went through and trouble shot. Thanks again for your great support.
  4. A Frequency measure Fb. would be nice. It would take in an input signal and a period to measure over and it would spit out the frequency of the input. An idea regarding an app, have a programmer-calculator where you could calculate in Hex, Dec, Oct and Bin and convert between them. Another suggestion regarding UniLogic is to have the option to undo. At least until then prompt up an “are you sure window” when you delete tags. I exedently went too far down when I was going to delete a tag that I wasn’t going to use and instead I deleted an array of about 30 ints that I had put a lot of t
  5. I am trying to get CANopen communication going between my Unistream and a Motor controller (Mc) of type MDC1460 from Roboteq. I set the PLC to be node 1 and the Mc to be node 2. I set the Mc to send out a heartbeat every 1s. I then tried to send a NMT and SDO, but nothing happened. Then I tried setting up a Can sniffer to see if I was resaving the heartbeat. I saw in the sniffer that the identifier was 720. Meaning that the node was number 32 in decimal even though I had set it to #2 on the controller. But if I then power cycle the Mc and then it sent 702 after boot up. If I then reboot th
  6. I will be getting the input through CANopen. The sensor, senses a spot on a turning wheel once per rotation. I will increase those spots if I see that I need higher resolution. I have been trying to do what you are suggesting Alexander, with incrementing a counter and timing it. However, I am not getting it to work. I was going to use an encoder in the beginning but thought it would both be simpler and cheaper, just to count the revolutions using an inductive sensor and a metal bolt in the wheel since I do not need that high resolution. But after finding a 400-pulse encoder for $13 in China
  7. Thanks a lot. Now all I have to do is what for the controller to arrive and then I can test this.
  8. Hello, I have a remote IO device that among other things has a digital input that’s connected to an inductive sensor that is placed so it measures a point on a wheel. This is then transferred to my UniStream through CAN. Now I want to measure the frequency so I can then calculate the RPMs and linear velocity. I have been using Somachine (Codesys) where there is a simple frequency measure block dedicated for this. I cannot find one in UniLogic and have been trying whit various contacts, coils and timers with no luck. J Any Ideas how I can do this? Another question, can I not ret
  9. Hello, I am trying to setup TPDO and RPDO for a motor controller that I am working on. It seems that I only can make Time, PID and RTC type Tags (see pic1). Is it only me that does not understand how this works or is there a glitch in the software? The T and R command mapping tables for the controllers can be seen in pic2 and 3. I am totally new to Unitronics and relatively new to CANopen so maybe I am mistaking, but is it correct that I set the nodes in the way seen on the attached picture 1? I set the plc as master by giving it node ID 1 and the motor controllers 2 and 3? Best regards,
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