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  1. I am trying to install a program on a v130 using this method, but there is no application option. Under 2. System --> 7. SD the only options I see are 1. Restore from SD and 2. Backup from SD.
  2. Hello, I have recently posted asking about how to get the Enfora modem to connect to the v130. I was able to accomplish this by placing a number in the 'Number to dial' box in the modem settings screen. I just put in my cell phone number to test and the modem connected after that with a signal strength of 14. I do not know what the Number to dial should be set as though. I also am trying to send a text message and have everything set up to do so. Whenever I press the #1 button to activate the request to send the Modem Busy bit changes to 1 for a few seconds and then switches back to 0. None of the other status bits change when I do this however. I believe the request to send does change but is activating the SMS Send FB and is then clearing itself before I can see the change. Any help with this is greatly appreciated! BenB
  3. Hello, I am trying to set up a V130 to send out text messages. I am using the Enfora modem and have set everything up correctly I believe. I am using COM1 and have changed the internal jumpers to RS232. I have the COM INIT 1 block running on power up with a baud rate of 9600. I have used the Modem Services to 'Prepare PLC-side modem' with a baud rate of 9600 as well. When I plug the modem into the v130 and cycle power the connection fails (ie SB81=1). Can anyone give me insight as to what I am doing wrong? Thank you, BenB
  4. I am wiring an analog input into a V200-18-E1B snap-on module. I look at the installation guide and it is telling me that for a two wire 4-20mA connection I should wire 0V to the 0V input and then the signal should be wired to both the I input and the V input. Why must the signal wire be in both of these inputs and not just the I input?
  5. That was my first thought, but when I do that all of the lay out gets distorted. Ideally what I want to do is to select every element and just expand the whole thing at once.
  6. I have a program made for a v350 controller. I want to take this same program and make it run on a v1210. So far I have opened the v350 file and changed the HW Config to a v1210. The HMI display shows up as the same size as it would on the v350. I am wondering if there is an easy way to make the display show over the full screen of the v1210 without having to individually make every section of the display larger. Thanks, BenB
  7. Hey thanks a lot. I finally got it working using the example from the help file. When i was connecting the socket I was not connecting to our server. All is well now. Thanks for your help!!
  8. I got the computer to ping the PLC and now I am trying to send an email. What must I do to set up the email through smtp. I am very confused right now and any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Ben B
  9. Thank you, we just got it to be recognized by the network. How do I setup the email so that it will sent through our smtp servers?
  10. Yea i have those entered is there something with the code that i have to do? I saw a card initialization block but i dont know what to do with it or if its necessary.
  11. I'm looking to send an email whenever an alarm is triggered. This really isn't that hard and I understand how to do it (I think). I am having trouble with getting the v1040 to be seen by the network. I've tried pinging it and changing default IP, but i cant seem to fix the problem. Can someone please help me with this?! Thanks, BenB
  12. I have a set up of 6 v130s sending data to a v1040. Basically every second I send 6 MI's to the 1040 from each 130. The system is working decently but I feel as though the code needs to be debugged since the 130s continue to pop up the SW Watchdog screen. The PLCs work fine after reset but eventually the Watchdog screen comes back. I have read a few threads on this and I am just wondering if anyone has any tips and could help me out. Thanks a ton, BenB
  13. Hey guys, I'm pretty new to Visilogic, but I've got a program working and the only thing I've to finish is the Alarms Screen. I'm using a v130 and I have seen examples of alarm screens for the v570 and v350 controllers. I have everything in the Alarms menu set up properly but when I use the Show Groups block no screen comes up. Can someone explain to me exactly how to work with the Alarms for a v130 controller. Thanks, BenB
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