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  1. Hi,

    I have a problem with Unitronics V350-J-T2 PLC.

    For the past month it has been displaying message (see attachment).

    I need your official response to this problem, so I can show it to my investors.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Cara Bereck Levy

      Cara Bereck Levy

      Did you receive help with your issue?

      (Apologies - you wrote to me personally, and I was on vacation so I did not see it. It is best to write to Support, or post publicly - the Support staff monitors inquiries and the Forum daily.)

  2. I missed the webinar.



    1. Cara Bereck Levy

      Cara Bereck Levy

      And  if you miss this one as well - well my friend, we've got you covered. You should get a mail with a link to  a recording  ofthe webinar you missed in a couple of days--assuming you  signed up m the mail is sent automatically.

    2. (See 2 other replies to this status update)

  3. Up load can not be preformed due to in complete data within PLC 99%


    V280 HMI PLC 0.png

    V280 HMI PLC 1.png

    V280 HMI PLC 2.png

    V280 HMI PLC 3.png

    V280 HMI PLC.png

    v280-plc -pc.png

    1. Cara Bereck Levy

      Cara Bereck Levy

      Hi, sorry for not answering, I was out of office for a week.
      Please either:
      - write to support@unitronics.com
       - post to the forum
      Although I administer the forum,  I am not a support engineer :-/

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