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  1. Hi @Prem Lanka, Was that Israel Support? Please contact them again if you have difficulties; I saw that you originally posted on Friday, which is our weekend, but everyone is back at work on Sunday 🙂
  2. Hi people, In the here and now, engineers save lives. Medicavent rose to the challenge of COVID-19—ventilators. They did it using a UniStream Built-in, model US7-B10-TA30l. As they tell it: > Our team, composed of aeronautic, mechanical and systems engineers, whose day jobs are working on classified defense contracts, have decided to rise to the occasion, working around the clock and under the radar to develop a semi-professional ventilator. The criteria selected were rapid development, production scalability, reasonable cost, meeting the strictest standards and m
  3. https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/why-the-ultimate-answer-to-life-and-everything-is-42/
  4. An very funny--and common--auto-correct fail is the 'messages' being replaced by 'massages'. Which is actually a good replacement in real life terms, considering the neck/shoulder/back tension after hours of playing keyboard jockey...
  5. OK--y'all killed me with those. BTW, re: your MicroWitch, I am a tad under 5 ' tall, and the broom is fact my favorite mode of transportation. Beats sitting in traffic!
  6. Hi guys--I'm really late in replying here, sorry. Yes--UniCAN is indeed token run, and UniCAN is, if you use the proper cable as Joe observed, about as stable as it get... Is this the question? Specifically the 'call loop' in UniCAN?
  7. LOL!!! sorry for the delay--I will speak with the relevant gurus to see if they have input.
  8. A bit--ok, a lot of bits--after the fact, but yes. It is amazing how our bodies are attuned to the actual cycles of light, dark, seasons, etc. As far as directions, so much of our consciousness is filtered, works on autopilot, that it is unsettling to suddenly need to pay attention to things that our brains automatically skip over. It is learnt, certainly, or to be more accurate, it is an adaptive mechanism--like that experiment with inverting lenses. https://science.howstuffworks.com/innovation/scientific-experiments/10-scientists-self-experimenters9.htm
  9. Heh. I'm looking forward to watching the classic Disneys, Looney toons, etc with my grandkids - and some of the newer ones, like Shrek 🙂
  10. Joe, keep posting stuff like this and they'll revoke your Curmudgeon Club membership! I'll check--but I think this is related to an ancient Installshield sequence, which we are loathe to touch for VisiLogic. That particular architecture is Rube Goldberg at his finest, we managed to stuff that *couldn't* be done, and keep it pretty solid, all things considered.
  11. Done @kratmel please let me know if you have any trouble uploading now
  12. Hey Joe, I will look into this--thanks
  13. Hi people! Unitronics Spring 2020 release introduces a powerful feature—UniStream controllers can now function as BACnet IP Servers. Particularly valuable for Unitronics users who are active in Building Automation and Environmental Control, UniStream BACnet Server supports a broad range of Services, Objects, and Tasks—we invite you to activate the trial license to check it out! This new release increases your project reach with: New Ethernet-based URB Components: - I/O Modules: Loadcell/Strain-gauge, PWM, and Pulse I/O modules - I/O Adapter: URB-TCP2, a compact, competitively
  14. I think that most long-time forum members know that I write the Help for the software. I was a newbie at technical writing when I joined Unitronics. I also knew nothing, zilch, about controllers, had no tech background except for whatever I remembered from high school physics. @Joe Tauser contacted me regarding one of the first iterations of the VisiLogic Help. (this was more years ago than I care to admit to .) Joe asked questions--I had to find out the answers and put them in the Help. In addition to improving the Help, I learned a lot about the field. He pointed out errors--includi
  15. Hi guys, Sorry for the confusion. I will enquire about changing/adding something to the wording--but I know from past experience that Installshield is Installshield, and it is doubtful it will be changed...
  16. Hi Guys! Whether it is newbies wanting to learn more, or power users wanting to see if they can pick up time-saving tips to boost efficiency--our recent webinars have been very well attended. So, we have added two more to the series: UniStream Alarms, and UniStream MODbus! UniStream Alarms Learn how to l to configure Alarms, use the HMI Alarm Widgets, Alarm Structs and more! Tue, May 5, 2020 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EES UniStream MODBUS Learn how to implement MODBUS Communication using Periodic & Aperiodic commands. Includes a review
  17. Ok--this feature made the wish list. It won't be in the next release, but it will be included in a future release--no timeline; it needs considerably more development resources than you'd imagine. Thanks Joe, for the suggestion
  18. hi--I don't know--this is the first time I've heard of this. I just gave a heads-up to the commandos, thanks.
  19. The Man Cave. We appreciate accurate terminology in these parts
  20. @Aleš Vaupotič, Hi! We have added your request to enable sending on an hourly or daily basis. For now, please continue using timers and A-periodic publication. Thanks for raising the issue!
  21. A real pleasure reading this thread--a great example of what the forum is all about!
  22. Guys, I looked into this as regards UniLogic. I don't have an answer right now, but I am guessing (unofficially, just my guess) that it will make it into the To-do list. I do know this is considerably more expensive, in terms of development time, than you would think--not just a matter of setting a few properties. So I'm guessing it will take a while. Aus, VisiLogic is VB6--different animal, as you know. I'll ask...
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