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  1. I have a question, why my PLC screen appears I white, and sometime flash my programmed screen in visilogic?
  2. Hi everybody, I have still the same problem, I will try to ping the PLC as Alexander said. Anyway, anybody know how to create a timer/pulse, I do not know If I should use a pwm. I have 2 states for a sounder: 1- Continuous sound 2- Intermitent sound The continuous is obvious, but no the intermitent, so what I am trying to program is a intermitent pulse when some swith is on
  3. I have the same problem when I set up communication throught TCP/IP listen
  4. Hi currently I am trying to simulate a signal in Visilogic. For example, I thought about create a vector bit to number, to create a vector which starts in MI0 an it has 10 lenght (MI0,MI1,MI2,MI3,...MI9), with them I represent 10 diferent states which I show in the graphic. http://thumbs.subefotos.com/540b762465c372e3b53f5a69f6667ddeo.jpg I do not know if there are any block to do signals, anyway I would like to know how to set times between MI0,MI1,..., Because I would like to link this signal to a by range image in the HMI, Thanks
  5. Thank you, yes it is about transitioning from c++ to Ladder logic, I use C++, it is my first time in Ladder Logic
  6. http://subefotos.com/ver/?c0a4171d3cd3861187851c8c73191b39o.png]http://thumbs.subefotos.com/c0a4171d3cd3861187851c8c73191b39o.jpg This is my Routine
  7. I try to set up the ethernet card again and the error SB168 comes up, then I power up SB168 and visilogic show me an error of compatibility with V700. Anybody have idea about this? What I am trying to do is connect PC-PLC, I was reading about MODBUS, I don't know if I need to set up MODBUS settings. Thanks
  8. Hello, I have a big problem with Unitronics, I used to use C++ instead of Ladder, so main question is how to convert MB to MI. For example, If I want to simulate 3 differents % states. I am using three switched sensors [1-0 states] as inputs. I named I1,I2,I3, each one shows differents % (25%,75%,95%) so I storage each Input into MI to increase the value from (1/0) to a number like (25,75,95) with the function power up value when I define the MIs. Finally, I storage all MI to a general MI* this last one change values to 25,75,95. and then I use this MI* to show the differents image in the display. Is it correct? Thanks
  9. I have another question, sorry because I am newbie with Unitronics's PLC. A vector is a composed of different operands, for example, I set up one in MI0 with lenght 4, the full vector is MI0,MI1,MI2,MI3, the question is if I have to set up IP addresss for example each value corresponds to each MI which will be the "Vector address"? I only can link one MI to the IP addrees is it MI0? then visilogic knows that MI1,MI2,MI3 are linked to this one?
  10. So the conclusion is, if I want a dynamic IP address linked to anyvalue I will use vectors with 4 MIs and if I want a static address I can define directly to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx in each field. So, once I set up IP/TCP protocol, could I introduce this address in the communication port to download projects PC-PLC faster than USB?
  11. Sorry, I lost the internet connection and the reply appears in white. Yes, the errors were gone Okey, I set up the unitronics' program for v700 in order to configurate ethernet connection: My purpouse is set up the IP address to connect the V700 directly to the ethernet port to speed up the transmition. But I dont know how to get this IP Thanks
  12. Hello, I am new in this forum and in unitronics, for this reason I have too many problems when I set up V700. I am following the manual "Using Ethernet" to V700 and I could not watch the IP address with I need to set up downloads throught the ethernet cable PC-PLC. When I try to simulate in visilogic anyprogram appears the next window "Run-time error 5 invalid procedure call or argument" I will start this topic with these questions. Thanks.
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