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  1. Hi Ness, good to know that I'm not the only one with this issue. Did Unitronics shared a link to the 1.29.138 built?
  2. Joe, thanks for your time to give a comment to my problems. Enclosed is a pdf with my experimental Modbus slave solution for our job. Took me several hours playing around. The following page http://www.simplymodbus.ca and the program qModMaster helped me to do this. Why do we need this: In my second post of this thread, I changed the Modbus Slave Address to reset the “NumOfClients”. This works for about 6 – 10 hours. Then suddenly the Status of the Modbus Set Functions changes to -1 and the communication is dead again. I hope that the new solution works… I will post an update in a few days. I'm not sure if I understand your limitation correctly. I understand that in Modbus RTU only one master is allowed due to the hardware pegel of the signals. But does it matter if I use the RS485 CPU COM Port or the UAC-02RSC_0 RS485 port? Modbus_Slave.pdf
  3. Joe, thanks for your answer. I want to replace the modbus slave configuration with a ladder logic listening on the RS485 CPU interface. Enclosed the picture with slave configuration and a beginning of ladder logic (cannot work this way but hopefully points out what to do). Joe, just out of curiosity. Are you a Unitronics employee? I’m not happy with the 1.29.111 version. Often get the “HMI overload message”. Sometimes after a download, the screen stays black (only power up can resolve it).
  4. Is it possible to build a RTU Slave ladder program (parse and response to incoming msg. from the master) with the advanced modbus function blocks? (Couldn't find an example in the UniLogic examples.) @Saragani @AlexUT @Joe Tauser
  5. Do you have an SD Card inserted? Each Data Sampler has a global data struct. You can look at the status integer of the data sampler if there is an error. (Enlosed a trend printscreen without inserted SD card)
  6. Also the Modbus TCP Slave is not working properly in V1.29. We changed back to V1.26.
  7. Below my dirty work around. The communication is now working for 2 hours. If the "NumOfClients" is grater than 150 the Modbus Slave address is set to 2 for one PLC cycle. This triggers a reset of the "NumOfClients".
  8. For the communication with Siemens PLC’s we use an Anybus device. In the version 1.26 everything works fine. With the 1.29 version, the NumOfClients is increasing to 165 and after approx. half an hour no more data is exchanged with the Anybus device. Any ideas for a work around? Is this a Modbus bug in the 1.29 version?
  9. Saragani, please can you share an example C- code function to pass on a Data Table as reference? Thanks!
  10. hi ORSO2001, thanks for you answer. i think i understand what you mean. but it is possible to define a struct as FunctionIn without problem. a data table is (in my understanding) a struct with a row index.
  11. I like to link different Data Tables (Indexed) to one Function as IN parameter. Has someone done this already? What I'm doing wrong? (Please see example Function1 Rung 1; Direct linking is possible Function1 Rung 2)
  12. Hi, is it possible to set the CPU Ethernet (IP Address, Subnet, Gateway) and ModbusTCP (IP Address, Port) parameters with a .ini file? Please can you provide a file syntax example for the above metioned parameters? Thanks, Daniel
  13. I always get the message "Could not apply command" when I try to upload the retained memory. In this case, we use UniLogic 1.19.83 software. After two years of operation the message "HMI overload" appears. (Too many files in the SD data sample folder?) What is the best way to upgrade the software? Is it possible to download the current tag values as it was possible with the remote access in the VisiLogic?
  14. New situation... As I mentioned before I use a VPN connection to the facility. Now I opened a wireless mobile connection to get an additional internet for TeamViewer support. I tried to download the same modification like before. And... no more reset is required. This could have been also the problem when I was at the facility site. I did not had an internet access before we finished the installation of the remote access router.
  15. Today I am back in office and we have a VPN connection to our facility. I modified two text boxes in one HMI screen. However, I cannot download it without a reset. Due to the VPN connection to the facility, TeamViewer is not ready for other connections. When I get this solved, I will ask for a remote session so that you can have a look at it.
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