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  1. 1. Make sure the IO unit has it's own power connections for 24+ and 0v and they are in the correct locations 2. You can try to power off then disconnect and reconnect the IO unit from the bus, then reboot. 3. Update the IO unit firmware through UNI-Apps. I run into this quite a bit, usually it's #3 -Swervo
  2. Same, Hard time understanding But, if you are asking if you have the same data in multiple rows of the same column in a data table, when you search for that data it will load the first one it comes to staring at row 0 and searching down until it finds the value. Not sure if that is what you are asking. -Swervo
  3. I use the Unistreams quite a bit and have never used the vision. The Unistream takes 10-15 seconds usually for the screen to pop up but was wondering when the ladder actually started. I have a couple 7" unistream for another project I'm going to test the up time with, this is is a battery powered application that would need to start running ladder within a few seconds of power on. It would be awesome if Unistream had a "sleep" mode that could be "woken" with an input. The Vision sounds like it may be a better fit for this application, I'm just spoiled with all the functionality of the unistr
  4. Looks like maybe the "received" tag is a handshake response/acknowledgment from the device you "sent" it to? -Swervo
  5. It's hard to see but it looks like data table "Message Alarm Table" is of the table type: Data Table: Indexed. Pop only works for FIFO or LIFO data tables, change the table type (if you are not using other Indexed operations in your program) -Swervo
  6. Great idea, I will try this with a "heavy" program and try to get a worst case scenario benchmark. The application would be simple at first but probably grow in complexity as they tend to. -Swervo
  7. Is there any way to determine at what point the ladder logic starts running after power on? We experience a pretty long Power up before the screen get past the boot stuff but when does the ladder start running? I have an application that needs a somewhat short power up time for the ladder to start scanning and updating outputs. -Swervo
  8. The UID 0808-THS spec says it's PNP, because they are transistors they cannot be "switched" Usually the best way to handle voltage variations is to use NPN hardware such as the UIS-WCB1 and an NPN gecko driver so you can tie the 0v together and have it function, next best option I would look at would be to use a high speed opto-coupler depending on how fast/accurate you actually NEED to drive the gecko, a lot of those stepper drives have "micro-step" settings where you can change the step/pulse ratio to lower your accuracy but also reduce the necessary pulse frequency. This one says
  9. I run one on a laptop and one on my desktop, it doesn't let you copy/paste but allows you to do side by side comparisons, agree this would be a great feature to have with complex programs. -Swervomotor
  10. It is very handy, also Find DTI Column Value outputs the row number (F). If the value was "2" and the rows start at "0" that would mean it checked n=n before it found the value and n+1 when if found the value. -Swervomotor
  11. If you are are looking for a value in the table you can use find DTI Column Value. Not sure if that's what you mean with line by line. -Swervomotor
  12. I have accomplished this a couple different ways: 1. Put the data table on a webserver page so you can connect and edit data remotely. 2. Convert UDT to .csv then FTP that to your network folder. Open in excel, edit, save as .csv, put back in network folder, Then FTP receive from the PLC (power up or button etc). 3. SQL to/from SQL database. SD card would be my last choice, you can even just use a FTP client like filezilla and "manually" grab it off the PLC to edit then put it back. Only issue I have is converting from .csv into excel, takes to many clicks/keystrok
  13. Ausman, This will be a leak down tester with operators on both sides of a machine. It's not complicated enough to have 2 separate machines/plc but we would like to be able to see the real time data/have acknowledgement screens/etc. from both test stations I will read the thread @kratmel thank you for the contribution. -Swervomotor
  14. Hi All, I have an application that I will need to control the machine from 1 unistream PLC/hmi and have a remote screen on the other side of the machine. Is it possible to just use another HMI as a VNC client that will auto connect on power up? Does it need a CPU or Just the HMI? A cheaper option would be to run a small tablet type device and VNC as well but that would not auto connect. Basically looking for the best option so the operator does not have to do anything when the machine is powered up. Thanks in advance. -Swervomotor
  15. Gerson, los 5 pendrive diferentes formato en FAT?
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