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  1. I have not looked at your file but I know your host email account needs to be configured for SMTP. I would start there if it hasn't already been configured. -Swervomotor
  2. Shane, Happy to help, glad you got it worked out. -Swervomotor
  3. Check the Panel IP address and program version number in UNI APPS by press and hold the top right corner of the HMI, Make sure your IPV4 IP address under network settings on your laptop for the USB network adapter is on the same subnet eg( if HMI is, then you should be something like with the same subnet mask eg Make sure you are using the same version of Unilogic that the project was downloaded with by confirming in UNI APPS the software version. Lastly make sure you are on the same physical network, if you go through switches to get to the machine
  4. FTP is the way I do it, I use filezilla but I'm sure you can use any of them. Just set up the FTP server on the PLC and use the credentials to go grab what you need. (Solutions explorer ->PLC communication -> protocols -> FTP-> FTP servers) If you have a local server/NAS you can use the FTP function blocks pretty easy as well to do automatic send/receives. -Swervomotor
  5. I agree Support is going to be your best bet but I would start by looking at: How are they communicating? Ethernet/IP, Modbus? When adding vision "measurements" in the vision controller, does the communications struct that was previously running already have place holders for those bytes? Hard to put into words but if you made changes to the communication struct in the plc it would not match the output coming from the vision controller. In the picture attached if the input size changed (by adding components) unless your actual output coming from the Omron also changed size you would
  6. Your PC could be missing the driver for the usb to ethernet adaptor , or did you check the IP and subnet on your laptop (assuming) so that it was on the same network as the PLC (eg 192.168.x.xxx).
  7. We had this issue on a 15.6", non-responsive intermittent response. When you touched the screen at different places the x,y touch coordinates would not change. The recommendation was to loosen the screws and remove any screen cover but that did not fix. Ended up returning it under RMA and it was defective.
  8. Sometimes I have issues with not accessing data tables correctly or "hanging" it's usually resolved by doing a fresh download. Not really sure why. But it usually happens after I have been messing around in the program or DT folder.
  9. Pretty sure the 7" will as well. The HMI houses 2 rj45, 2 usb host, 1 usb device, audio jack, micro sd card. The CPU has RS485 and CANBUS.
  10. Any recommendations on a good electrical schematic software? Schematics are my weak point and I'm doing more and more machine builds requiring complex schematics so it is time to learn a full featured schematic software. Thanks in advance for any recommendations. -Swervomotor
  11. I realize this is not an answer to your issue but have you considered writing the Unilogic program to handle all the scenarios and use data tables for storing/accessing process specific data? I have done this where you separate all the different sub-routines then CALL them in order of the "process step" table for whatever part it's running. Then all you would need to do is send it the part name and do all your data/process loading inside the PLC. -Swervomotor
  12. I've had 2 SD cards go bad this year. I think if you really need that 20 years of data you would find a redundant way to back it up. A cheap NAS can easily be configured as FTP server and mounted remotely or locally. The 32 limit is the default in Unilogic, you need to change that or it will start auto-deleting older files. I'm not sure but I believe it also has difficulties with subfolders.
  13. I would check the aspect ration of whatever "screen" (tablet with VNC viewer) and match that as close as possible to the screen. For instance I would go with the low cost Unistream 7" with a 16:9 aspect ratio and find a 10"ish tablet with that ratio. Scaling is done through the VNC viewer on the tablet. I use RealVNC as a VNC viewer and the scaling can be adjusted in the properties of the connection. On the Unitronics website I see: 7" 16:9 10.4" 4:3 15.6" 16:9 -Swervomotor
  14. You should be able to create a new file no problem, Do you need a new folder for each file? Or can you create a folder on the SD from a PC and store your files in that folder? Your method of backup you will need to change the SD file # limit from 32, but you might start getting issues with so many files on the SD card as time passes. We store them to the SD in a folder then use the FTP functions to send them to our local FTP server, then overwrite. SD cards go bad.
  15. To be honest this could be easily accomplished with a micro controller (like arduino, ESP8266 or ESP32, or even a raspberryPi), power supply, and a opto-isolated relay board. >$100 Unless you are trying to teach ladder logic or the unilogic environment it is quite overkill. IMO -Swervomotor
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