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  1. Yes...that was it! Since "updates HMI" is almost last in the list, it's safe to assume that the "while displaying" subroutine of a display that is loaded on a given cycle, will be active for the first time in the next one. Is that right? I ask because I use those subroutines to put the logic that manages the jumps. And I want to fully understand how everything works.
  2. Thanks to everyone for your replies. Sadly, the machine is at the client's factory, and I won't be able to test anything until Friday. @sgull, I had that in mind, but I'll double check if I didn't left any normal contact behind. I tried using an "Is Displayed" operand and it worked in some displays, but in others it didn't. I really can't find out the reasons why I'm having this sporadic behavior. One question, are the display jumps processed after the plc cycle is finished? I found last week a topic in this forum in which someone posted the order in which everything is processed in a plc cycle, but I can't manage to find it again. Thanks everyone again. Juan
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, and to Unitronics products in general, so I'm sorry if my question is too basic. The question is about navigating through displays on a V130. I'll describe my problem with an example, since the application I'm working on is far more complex than what I need to show you. Let's suppose I have an application with three displays (namely Disp1, Disp2 and Disp3). There is a jump condition on Disp1 and Disp2 which jumps to the next display when I press F1 on the keyboard. I.e., if I'm showing Disp1 and press F1, then it jumps to Disp2; on the other hand, if I'm showing Disp2 and press F1, it jumps to Disp3. The thing is that when I'm showing Disp1 and press F1, it jumps directly to Disp3 (which I think it happens because when it loads Disp2, as F1 is pressed, it jumps again to Disp3). How can I prevent this? I've tried several approaches and none of those worked. I've tried both creating some logic in my app which triggers a Load Display block, and using the Jump Condition table on the Link&Jumps tab of the display editor. Some background about me... I'm new to Unitronics products, but I've worked with other PLC brands, and I have extensive background in programming and embedded electronics. Thank you very much. Juan.-
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