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  1. Hello, I've done what you say and now reading a longer vector I can read the values without problems. Thank you! Which is the max number I can put in a vector lengh? Cheers, Alex
  2. Hello Aus, The device I'm reading holds values in 2 registers. The value I want it's always placed on the second register so that's the reason I pick the MI 2507 instead MI 2506. I use a set/reset cycle for the serial comunication. Cheers, Alex
  3. I've tryied to add a 3 sec delay and after a 5 sec delay and I have the same problem. Tried with the SB3 and I have the same problem as the delays. I have tryed to add a counter to control the requests from the modbus but counter do not increment with SB3 pulse. The subroutine is loaded in the main routine. Something strange happens. Any idea? Thank you, Alex,
  4. Hello, I'm having an issue with the modbus communication over TCP. I can start and connect with the device without problems but at the time I try to get more than 1 value, the program asks the first request, gets a response and jumps to another device without asking the other requests. In segment 5 at start, I've the start contact (MB26) and the realimentation from the last device (MB121). At the end of the same segment i have the activation of segment 6 and the desactivation of the segment 5. The VisiLogic PLC I'm using is a V1210 model. Please find some images attached showing
  5. Hello Cam, Can you explain me how can I do it? I need to download the version swapper of the main program version and then open with it or how? Thank you
  6. Good day, Please find attached some images with the problema that occurs at the time of oppening a Project in VisiLogic versión 9.8.65. The first error that appears is the "Load 12Type mismatch" and when you click to the "Ok" button and try to open another display it appears the second message "Run-time error '13': Type mismatch". I have read a post where the response was to put a DLL in the VisiLogic folder. I have tryed this solution but it does not work (post was from 2015 and other VisiLogic versión). Let me know if you have some solution! Thank you,
  7. Hi all, I would like to know how to send a value of a MI trough email. I'm using v1210 PLC. I tried to send this value using the option "Indirect mail content" but an strange icon appears. Can I send more than only one value in the same email? Thank you!
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