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  1. Thank you Joe, Ive implemented that change with the Add New Operational Batch which is a lovely feature. I havent worked on a tag based system before but I am getting fond of it. Nice jobs Unitronics. I see Siemens have recently changes their Step 7 to a tag based system, looks like you have started a trend.
  2. I have the slave setup. I also have the ladder logic code to ship out all I/O's. Have I coded this wrong? MB_Mapping.pdf
  3. Hi Joe, Thank you for the reply. I have set up Modbus for the SCADA. The company running the SCADA can see the PLC and I have sent a list of every I/O. Should that not be enough for them to see the tags?
  4. I want to ship data to a SCADA system and I need to read the memory addresses for a list of required tags. For example: How do I find the for x and y? In this example I know that x = 40 and y=42 as these were used in a different program but for future programs how do I locate these addresses?
  5. I did my first Linux install in 1999. We were using Iconics SCADA which used Microsofts SQL. Microsofts SQL had a problem releasing pointers which caused the trends to flat line so we bought in a Dell PowerEdge server with Red Hat. I transferred the database to Red Hat and it never flat lined again. Linux has come a long way since 1999. What I love about Linux is that you install just what you want. If I had control of our IT department I would use Linux on every machine.
  6. I want to combine the output of two trends (two flow sensors) so I have to combined sum of the sensors. How to apply in UniLogic?
  7. A UDFB to communicate with other makes of PLC's would be great. We use Unitronics but some of our customers use Siemens/Omron/etc. and talking to them is a real pain. Any chance you can code a block that removes this pain?
  8. A simulator would be great, I work on over 30 sites and the only way I can test code is to visit a site which isnt always so easy as we dont own the sites. Is there any sign of a simulator in development?
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