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  1. I don't know from what version number it works, I'm at 9.8.80
  2. Thanks AlexUT!!! Works fine!!! BUT, I don`t have access to ML`s, or MF`s :(
  3. Hello to all. I am working on a project in which I will only get PLC data to an external control system, we will do it in MODBUS. Everything works correctly, but I find two problems: The addressing mapping is 1: 1 accessible from MODBUS, so they could read any record. The same is reproduced in writing, so that accidentally (or not) they could overwrite important values of my program. Could we limit the reading to a certain number of records? Could we limit the writing? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello Guys! First of all... DanT, thanks! The solution works ok in this case! AMAZING. The problem is with the previus version, I don´t know why, but is impossible to unistall.
  5. Hi guys! I am trying to install the latest version of VisiLogic, but it is not possible in my Windows 10 x64 (PRO) laptop. Trying in a VM with Windows 7 works fine... Any idea?
  6. Concept OK, but... I don´t have "export" stored in MIs, I use "export" in a block, as you can see: I don´t know how I can put "export" in MIs, and them how use these MIs in the "File Name" field. Thinking in the 8 character restriction may be a good idea generare a "20180606" for CSV name. If I put SI33, SI38 and SI38 in consecutive MIs, I can use It?
  7. The problem is, rather, download the file (by RS232) or the treatment in Excel. Effectively it is not a storage issue. One of the solutions can be to generate monthly CSV files, although I have not yet found the way to concatenate a string with a numeric value, export201806, for example. If you have any ideas, I appreciate it. Greetings and thanks again.
  8. Hi... I have same problem (V700). This is my NET Actual vector 3000 to 3035 (includes NULL) But I have only 66 bytes... More than 190 bytes per row for nothing!
  9. Hello Auman! Thanks for your reply... Finally I used the SI3 (no counter needed) and converting my to MF. I'm really having a lot of fun. Thank you also for your help!
  10. Hello everyone, I'm still learning with this hardware. I am working on a project for which I need to totalize a flow that comes from an analog signal. I wonder if there is a function block that does it, or how to do it. Thank you!
  11. Thanks Ausman for reply. The problem was that it did not reset when downloading the new program to the OPLC. SOLVED! Thank you very much, see you again (SURE!).
  12. Thanks Ausman for your reply. The problem is with only 1 drum, my program is only 1 drum, all works fine, the problem is when I make a change (step time, for example). Downloading the software again the time not is modified...
  13. Hi to everyone! I´m new in the forum and with this type of divices. I have a problem with Drum Secuencers, in the first configuration works fine, but when I make a change (times or another) no change the real function, time... Any idea??
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