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  1. Hello, I was wondering what would be the best way to convert my thermocouple reading into degrees celsius. I am using a UID-W1616R and a UIA-0402N. Right now I am using the Linearize function (X1 & Y1 = 0, X2 = 8191 and Y2 8191), which gives me a linearized output of 148 for 19.5 degrees C and 345 for 42 degrees C. And its a linear relationship. The problem I am facing for low temperature readings such as room temperature, is that the linearized output from my thermocouple varies by about +- 10. Any suggestions would be appreciated! P.S. I am a beginner in PLC programming
  2. Thank you very much sir! Will try that.
  3. Hi, I was just wondering is there any way to separate my code like an "if else" statement in C. For example. If a condition is met, I would like to run only a selection of 10 lines of code and if the same condition is not met, I want to run a different 10 lines of code. Thanks in advance!
  4. @DanT @Ausman Thanks guys, problem solved now. Apparenly I misread the wiring diagram.
  5. @Ausman Yes, I`ve checked all the connections multiple times. Could it be that I have to use the source configuration instead? Thanks
  6. Greetings, this is my first experience with Unitronics and I am also a beginner in PLC's, so I apologize in advance if I am asking stupid questions. I am using a USP-070-B10 with a UID-W1616R. I`ve wired the inputs using this configuration: And I`ve wired my outputs using this configuration: I`ve written a simple test program, to test if all the inputs/outputs are working properly. On the back of the UID-W1616R module, I can see the inputs and outputs coming on and off as per the created program and I can hear the relays inside in the PLC switching on and off, b
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