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  1. If you have access to a 0-10V source you can inject a signal and see if it is a code/config issue or the device. Ramping up and down the scale will give you a change in your PLC value. In the absence of a source you can even use batteries 1.5/3V/6V/9V Some likely things to check: Dip switch settings are correct as per install manual for 0-10V Hardware config settings are right Any scaling in your code is correct for the bit resolution of your model 0V connections as per manual The help files and examples are always worth looking at
  2. For anyone producing their own electrical/control drawings you may have noticed the downloadable blocks in the technical library. Personally I have only ever found these useful for overall dimensions or to show the display on a general arrangement drawing. It's a shame we don't have anything showing the actual connections in .dwg (a bit like the images in the install guide). Anyway I will post here something which has helped me provide clients with a reference for connections. These are blocks and in reality the PLC connections will have interconnecting wires and all the usual stuff you would expect. I have lost count of the amount of times I have encountered the terminal number vs input/output number confusion!! Feel free to offer any thoughts. V350_Blocks.pdf V350_Blocks.dwg
  3. Hi all, Just thought I would share with you a recent project building on an existing product running the V350. Apologies for the long post but as I am new to the forum there is some more general background which may be interesting to someone! Here in the UK I am involved with another company who manufacture and ship Friction Feeders worldwide. Many customers are in the print and packaging industries. The machine itself is simple in concept - dispense the bottom product from a magazine or hopper as accurately as possible; normally onto a conveyor belt. Typically this could be a small card fed onto a sheet of paper to product a mailshot. In very simple terms a sensor sees a product and calls for the motor to run. Unitronics allows us to control this process very accurately using servo motors. With placement accuracy onto a moving target of +/- 1mm. Building on a simple operation there are a number of parameters which can be adjusted on the screen for fine control. We have an established program which achieves this and also gives customers the ability for remote comms via Ethernet. The customer in a recent project wanted a little bit more... could the V350 control their entire process? Incorporating a conveyor belt and industrial sewing machine. The items were to be dispensed in batches and sewn to a backing tape. Looking at spare I/O it was obvious this was achievable. With just a couple of extra days programming the project was ready. I wanted to highlight our success with the V350, a fantastic little PLC which allows us to adapt to our customers’ requirements. With Visilogic we can incorporate new features very quickly. The use of a combined HMI and ladder environment (free of charge) was one of the major reasons I moved to Unitronics. It never ceases to amaze me what features are available to the programmer. To anyone just starting out don't be daunted, if things aren't working look for the simplest solution requiring the least code and you won't be far away. On the couple of occasions I have needed support the staff have been great and resolved issues remotely. Dave Production Automation Ltd
  4. Hi, Just wondering if anyone out there has devised a method for displaying the project name/version number within a field on the HMI? I know you can view through the info screen but it would be neater to display within a field on a project screen. I am looking for an instant way to see which revision of a project the controller is running which references the .vlp filename. I always tag on the end of mine _VX.X Thanks in advance Dave
  5. Another +1 here. Some kind of scaling up or indeed down function would be really useful for HMI objects. Maybe with a seperate command for multiple selection and alteration of font size
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