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  1. Since the PLC does not have a screen it is a little bit hard to get to uni Apps. Forgive me if I am missing something but I have not been able to find a default IP address that the headless PLC is configured with so I can VNC into it to use the Uni apps? any help on the IP? I did get the firmware updated without uni apps, but it would be nice to have them from the start with a default config...
  2. Please see attached image from updating from 1.25 to 1.28, please note that the checkbox is checked to save the old version. The popup that states the old version must be uninstalled kind of makes you think you can not have two versions installed at one time.
  3. Well fresh day new start, and now everything is working fine. Not sure what was happening yesterday but today I can connect and upload just fine. Sorry for the worry I probably should have just kicked windows and restarted yesterday....
  4. OK I stand corrected, it does not make it plain when installing a new version, that you can still run the older version. They just do not tell you that you can make a shortcut to the older version and still run it.
  5. I hope no one minds if I resurrect this post. I am having the same problem. I went ahead and determined which adapter was the Unitronics and set it as Saragani said to do. (see image) and I am still getting no connection to the PLC. This is on a windows 10 64bit PC that was just upgraded to 1.28.26. What would be the next troubleshooting steps? I have added "C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics\UniLogic\Unitronics.Shell.UI.exe" to the windows firewall to ensure it was not blocking the connection. Is there any other process that needs to be allowed? To ensure there was no problem with the PLC I did pull out a backup laptop (win7 64bit) that still has 1.25 on it and it detects the PLC over USB or network immediately. Thank you for your assistance, Robert Rinehart EDIT: Now that I have learned I can still use the older version (1.25.61) I opened it up to check and see if I can see the PLC over USB, and it come sup instantly. So i am not sure what is wrong with ver 1.28.26, but i can not connect to the PLC with it.
  6. I agree as well. Sometimes we have no choice but to upgrade, as in my case. I have a customer now wanting to use the new "headless" PLC which requires new software. I have installed programs in the field based on 1.25.61. I only use one laptop and Unitronics will only allow me to keep one version of their software installed. This is a problem when it cost me extra time to either remove and reinstall software, or spend the time updating firmware. If they would let us keep multiple version installed it would help those of us that use multiple of thier PLC's. Now back off to my original reason for coming to forums, try and find out why I can not connect via USB or network either..... Robert Rinehart
  7. Thank you sgull, I kept looking in system variables for it but now see all of the various alarm bits I can use now!
  8. after some more searching I was able to find "Alarm Status Struct.Num of Active Alarms" I can use this for my needs now, but I would like to know where the documentation is I am missing to read about this and what else might be in there? Edit: for spelling
  9. Hi all and thanks in advance, I have a program running un a Uni stream USP-070-B10. Using software version 1.25.61 UniLogic studio. I am trying to find a bit that will tell me if any Alarm is active, I have looked thru the help file, system variables, and searched this forum. I did find a comment from Saragani posted July 1, 2015 stating: " On the next version (1.15), it is planned to have a tag that contains: * An array of 32 bits (one per group * An array of 1025 Bits ( 1 spare bit + 1 bit per alarm) * A bit that indicates that 1 or more alarms are active * An interger with the total number of active alarms" Am I just blind and missing something? or did it not get added? The reason I am looking for this is I have a client with a remote cabinet with the PLC in it (no network connection or outside connection but power), they want a light added to the top of the cabinet and turne don if any alarm is active so they can see they need to go out there... Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide, Bob
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