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  1. Ideally via an accessible variable, trends already have their own structs so adding unsigned 8 bit integer to select the trend in view and then a series of boolean variables or flags to screenshot, e.t.c. shouldn't be to difficult, a variable theme allowing people to choose a preset (current layout) or a custom which would essentially just be a cut out of the trend graph itself (no background, no buttons just a trend and an axis), this will allow us to use our own graphics. Let me know how you get on and if I can help you anymore, I hope it makes sense.
  2. Thanks Saragani, At the initial time of posting I wasn't aware that the multi-touch panel had the functionality already. I am running v 1.25 of Unilogic and can confirm it hasn't been added as of yet. I noticed you did not mention the visual adjustments to the trend graphics interface, could you confirm if this is to be implemented in v1.26? the ability to adjust the colours of the axis, titles, background end disable / implement our own buttons for default buttons as the current visuals really don't match our standard layouts and its a bit of an eye sore on our screens, we really need the ability to be able to fit the trace into our own theme. Any updates on this?
  3. Any news on this also coming to Unilogic and an ETA?
  4. Hello, Would it be possible to have a circular gauge without a hand that fills up like a pie chart (seen in more modern UIs)? and maybe including an option to hollow out the centre so we can insert live values there (or you could have it automatically display the value in the centre, would look much neater than the current old fashioned hand gauges as at the moment I only find myself using the meters and the variance would be great? Just a suggestion, thanks.
  5. Hello, Just a quick suggestion really in regards to the visuals of the sliders/trends. First (slider) ; when using ticks to identify points along the slider you cannot change the colour of the ticks, in my eyes the ticks should change with the label colour as you can see from my image the ticks basically become useless/unreadable. Just a quick and easy suggestion really. Secondly (trends); one of the only disappointing features for me has to be that the customisation of the trend display is so very limited, as you can see from my screenshot it's just a big white block and does not really fit in well with the rest of my program. Being able to edit/add/remove elements such as buttons, their colours and the trend background would be great, also why is there no zoom ability or option to hide different trend lines?
  6. Is there a manual fix for this? Solved: http://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/UniLogic-is-stuck-on-Splash-screen-loading-components
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