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  1. Hi Having used the V350 - TRA22 for a number of years successfully on a variety of projects and now I have a new project that unusually for us needs a RTC. I'm struggling with this, I want to be able to enter or update the RTC on the screen and basically every thing I try fails dismally. The clock runs, counts down, I can update via the tools, but not update via the HMI screen. The Help files are at best vague on this subject and none of the examples seem to have the feature I need which is press the RTC on the screen , enter a new value, HH,MM that's all we need. Sounds simple, and probably is but I can't work it out. I haven't included any sample ladder code, because nothing has worked so far. Anybody, somebody must have idea how to do this, all assistance much appreciated. Thanks Andy Brown
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