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  1. Thanks guys for your input. I finally sorted this out. In one place in C code I forgot to use ARITHMETIC_DIV() instead of normal '/' division. This was the result
  2. Hello, I'm wondering if my problem is a software one or hardware? And what kind of issues could be causing it in each case. The system is alright when at rest, but when put to work (triggered with input) it works fine for maybe 10-20 seconds and then I get a "CPU in stop mode" message on the screen" and few second later a message about CPU error. I've removed the CPU unit and put it back on, but with no luck. Does anyone have some hint for me? Thanks, Bjarni
  3. THanks for the input Patko. It's a MSSQL database I'm using and I´ve tried both with one located on an Amazon server as one on my local net.
  4. Hello, I would like to push and retrieve data to and from the the internet directly from my Unistream. I tried to connect to a server on Amazon, a working database (MSSQL) we are using in another project. But when doing a simple query I get error: "20009 Unable to connect to data source Unable to connect: Adaptive server is unavailable or does not exists" Anyone here who could give me a hint on what I need to do? The Database is set up as "SQL Server" with IP-number and instance name, database name, user name and password. Another question is if I can use other kind of web services to handle my data ? Thanks, Bjarni Gudmundsson
  5. Yes, I know now - but it would be awkward to write the same function twice - just to catch this event. Instead I made an global event or bit which is ON for one scan through the whole by putting this in the beginning in my Main:
  6. Hello, I'm considering what is the scope of the Positive Transition Event in the program. I thought it was supposed to stay on for one pass to the whole - but maybe that's not correct? In this example I'm catching the 100ms frequency and I'm checking it in a function which I call twice with different parameters - but the event only stays on in the first call to the function: and in this case the TestFunc is only: (N is the "Out" parameter) Is this as it is supposed to be? Thanks, Bjarni
  7. Hi, can I send it to you? Don't feel comfortable leaving the whole stuff here in the open...
  8. Hello, I ran into problem where I had a screen with two instances of the same Custom control (see picture). Parameter to the control on left is TestFlag1 and on the right it's TestFlag2. Accordingly THe light on left shows TestFlag1 ad the other is TestFlag2. When a button is pressed, a message box pops up and when OK is pressed there the value of the parameter (TestFlag 1-2) is toggled. Problem is that it doesn't matter which button I press, there is only the value of TestFlag2 which gets toggled (i.e. light on right toggles no matter which button I press) If I skip the message box and do the toggle directly in the button press, the correct flags are always toggled. Am I missing the correct way to do this or is it just something I have to work around ? Thanks, Bjarni
  9. Hello, I've been trying to load a string from a c-function - without luck. Made few approaches though. One example here: -------------------------------------------------- char arr[3][32] = { "String 1", "String 2", "String 3" }; // User code ends above this comment static void getString(unsigned short Index, volatile char* TheString, int TheStringLen) { // User code starts below this comment TheString =arr[Index]; // User code ends above this comment } ----------------------------------------------------- TheString defined as here: Is there a way to do it? Thanks, Bjarni
  10. THanks - it has been solved now. THe main issue was nonmatching Slave ID. Totally my error.
  11. Looks like the issue lies on the other site as I get similar error when trying to read it from my PC...
  12. Hello, I'm trying to poll some values from Laumas weight transmitter - and I'm kind of stuck. I've tried to read some addresses according to the Laumas manual, but the power-up value in the receiving variable is never overwritten. I get modbus status as -11, which I don't know what means. THe setup: It should be reading all the time if set up as periodic and the active bit is set ? The values when running: Anybody with any hints for me? Thanks, Bjarni
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