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  1. Hello, I need some help to understand how can I create a function that I need In my program. I got a machine that I have to clean every 10 or 20 minutes , I would like to change as my wish this time variable on my HMI screen (5 min, 6 min or 15min, 16min...) to clean my machine by entering the time I want on a pad , I can't figure out how to change this time variable, I try tu use timers but I didn't understand how they work, so I've use increment function who increment a A=B but I don't think it's the easiest solution. Can you help me ??
  2. Hello, I want to create a time meter on my program. The principle would be to activate this time meter only when my pump Is working I don't find how can I make it on Visilogic.. Can you help me ? I'm working on a Vision V570 Thank you
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