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  1. Hi, I need to segregate a remote I/O rack which a unistream controller is communicating with over Modbus Eth from the rest of the network. Has anyone found a way to use the 'CPU' ethernet address for modbus comms? It would solve so many problems for me if I could. Thanks in advance- Zac
  2. Thanks Joe, Your info is helpful. The problem I solved by making a 'restore user settings' option was: when our customers mucked around with the settings, they sometimes couldn't get back to where they were before, then they would call us. I also have a 'restore factory settings', but each machine these control are a bit different, so have one set of settings doesn't help a lot other than if they do call us, I can ask them to restore factory settings just to have a baseline. All the logic does is remember what state bit was in when the user saved the settings and then test if it needs to be changed when the user restores the settings. I was just hoping there was some baked in section in unilogics that I'd overlooked that would maybe help avoid all the messy ladder. Thanks again- Zac
  3. Hi, I've written a program which has a 'save user settings' and 'restore user settings'. Unfortunately, the code I ended up with is really complicated and I worry that future programmers will have a difficult time understanding how it works. I've included a small snippet below for reference. Is there a way to save settings on the SD card and load them back in without writing it into ladder logic, or other ways to achieve the same objective? Thanks in Advance- Zac
  4. Hi, I'm having trouble with HMI elements being all out place when I open a saved program. The curious thing is when I select Module 1 of the HMI program to bring up thumbnails of all the screens or hover over a screen name to view the screen thumbnail, the screen appears to be as I saved it. When I click on the screen to open it, sometimes the HMI elements are completely rearranged. I've tried it on several computers and both .116 and .125 releases. Also, the problem does persist if I download it to a PLC/HMI. Has any else had this issue? Attached are some examples of the problem. Thanks Zac
  5. Hi, Unitronics provided a solution for us yesterday. It required the replacement of a .dll file in the directory to run on 32 bit machines. I'm now running .116 with no issues. Thanks for the responses. Zac
  6. Yes. I've gotten our IT department involved so they've been talking back and forth to tech support. The issue has been elevated back to the original programmers, but no solution has been found yet. I think we'll get there soon though. -Thanks
  7. Thanks for all the tips. I'm still having the same problem on all Win 7 and older Win 10 machines. Also, we seem to have different System Requirement documents Alex. The one I can download doesn't include the instructions in your post. At least it will run on my newer Win 10 machines. Thanks Zac
  8. Hi, I'm having the same problem on machines which were upgraded and had a new install so I'm reticent to go through these steps as there is other software on these machines which use SQL. Zac
  9. Thanks for your response. I went through both sequences and still have the same problem on 3 PCs. 2 of these machines successfully ran 1.29.xxx Unilogics with no issues so I'm not sure what has changed.
  10. Hi, I've updated to the latest version of Unilogic software, which runs great on my two Windows 10 PCs that are less than 2 years old. Many others in my organization are using older machines and the program reaches loading components and then crashes. There are no errors when this happens; the software loading graphics just disappear. All of these machines do meet the minimum requirements and have up-to-date Windows updates, so I'm not sure how to isolate the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. So, the 10 and 15 inch USL series HMIs can connect to VNC through ethernet without the cpu? I'm looking for a solution like this, but didn't realize the HMI came with rj-45 ports.
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