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  1. Hi, Instead of using the SQL database, does anyone know if it is possible to connect the Unilogic to an Microsoft Excel file? I would like to generate an easy database on the Excel spreadsheet and put it on SD card or some other places, and then connect the Unilogic to the spreadsheet to get the data. Thanks, Charls
  2. Hi, I am facing one issue when adding strings into the 7th row in the index data table, with no issue before that. The error message is "Value is not available". What does this mean? Thanks, Charles
  3. Thanks, that's actually the method I did. I could not find any other options.
  4. Hi, How can I display a list of strings one by one. The list of text function only shows one text string at one time. But what I need is to display all text strings one by one if a button is pressed. For example, When the button is pressed, the first line of string shows up. And then if the button is pressed second time, the second line of string will be displayed under the first line. I can't find an element in the Unilogic can do it. If anyone knows how to achieve that, please let me know. Thanks, Charles
  5. Hi, I would like to have a timer box on HMI, so that the user can input a time on it. However, I don't use this timer to count down. Instead, I would like to take the value, and do some calculation with other input values. I can't find the information about how to convert the timer box's time into an int or real value for further calculation. Please help. Thanks, Charles
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