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  1. Hello Flex, unable to insert string into email body. When composing an email, "string variable" is missing, but alternatively use "Subject" in the email. Using the "insert to string" function, it is possible to compose the final string and use it as a "subject".
  2. Hello, It is probably still not possible to compare two projects in unilogic. Could this requirement not be included in the next version of Unilogic? It would definitely help more users.
  3. Thanks for the answers. When I use the UIS - 04PTN module, I can also use these PT100, 2 wire sensors? https://www.distrelec.sk/sk/kabelovy-snimac-teploty-pripojeni-pomoci-vodicu-50-350-htf50-pt100-glas-thermasgard-regeltechnik-gmbh-htf50-pt100-glas-5m/p/30000917?q=pt100&pos=87&origPos=160&origPageSize=100&track=true
  4. Hi, can anyone please advise me. This temperature sensor can be used for PLC Unistream U-USC-B10-TR22, 10DI, 2AI, 2TO, 8RO. If not, what sensor to use so that it can be used with this plc. The project is a hygienic container where we need to measure the temperature of waste during fermentation. Link for sensor: https://www.tme.eu/sk/details/se011/teplotne-sondy-a-adaptery/pico-technology/
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