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  1. Also it may just be me, but the text that accompanies the icons constantly leads me to make mistakes. The words "Vertical Centers" is confusing next to a horizontal line of HMI elements. And beyond that, the act of the "Vertical Centers" button actually aligns elements on a common horizontal axis (or aligns elements on their Horizontal Centers). Just seems confusing to me. I find myself constantly having to pause and logic out which is the correct button to chose. That coupled with the annoying dropdown menu means that sometimes I click the wrong option. And since there is no Undo feature for moving HMI elements around it can be quite frustrating.
  2. Hi, I would love to be able to breakout and pin some of the different alignment options to the HMI toolbar tab. It is rather tedious to have to go through the dropdown menu every time I want to make alignments with HMI elements. With monitors getting wider and wider, there is often plenty of space to add additional icons to the HMI tab. VisiLogic had them all available and could be used with one click. It would be nice to have that option while using UniLogic.
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