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  1. If you are interested, this is the reply that I received from my Support Ticket. With the UniStream, you can have dozens of devices connect to the PLC on the same port. All you will need to do is set up 1 Modbus TCP slave instance, and point all of your devices to the same port (502). So it appears I can delete my Slave on port 503, and all should be good, with dual connections (or more if needed) on port 502 Tim
  2. Thanks Guys, I appreciate everything. My problem is, I can't test anything. Hardware is being assembled in control panels, at a vendor. and then shipping to the job-site. I have to go to the job-site, to connect up all of the external IO. And I'll be expected to have the logic close to completion by the time they put power to the panels. The only good thing at this point, is one of the Masters is only for monitoring purposes, so if that one isn't working when the site goes live, it wouldn't be tragic. But I do need to resolve this soon. I went ahead and submitted a Support Ticket. Thanks, Tim
  3. Thanks AUS, With the vision 230 PLC's, we are establishing a remote socket connection from 2 different applications that run on a windows OS workstation PC. One application is connecting on the standard Modbus TCP port, and the other is connecting on a non-standard port. Both applications communicate with the PLC, and we have never had any issues with this. It's a simple setup for the 2nd socket connection via VisiLogic. So i'm confused with this issue showing up as an error in UniLogic... We want to duplicate/improve the V230 program with a UniStream PLC. If it was PLC to PLC, I assume UniCan would require CAN comm modules on each PLC? Thanks, Tim
  4. This sounds like a step backwards, as I've been doing this for about 10 years in VisiLogic on a V230 PLC's, and I've never had any issues. I switched to Unistream, to upgrade, I need this to work, it doesn't need to be 100% reliable, do i need to create a support ticket? Thanks, Tim
  5. I want 2 different ModbusTCP masters to connect to my PLC. I set up 2 ModbusTCP Slaves but I am getting an Error, "Both Slaves have been set to the same communication protocol." They are set to different ports, and different Node ID's. Why am I getting this error? Thanks, Tim Snelling
  6. Is there any way to add a Symbol in the Text After field for a Numeric Box? Something that isn't available from the Symbol button? For Example the Ohm/Omega Ω symbol? Thanks, Tim Snelling
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