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  1. Thank you so much! It was my fault for not looking carefully enough in Help section.
  2. Smarter way is using Reset Numeric function. You don't have to worry about array length, Offset & Operation mode.
  3. I need help, I want to know if two arrays have identical values. What are possible outputs values of this function (F - Result index) and what is the meaning of these values? Thank you
  4. Hi, In my Unilogic programme, Scan time is between 6-9ms, with Ladder Time Max about 2.7ms. But sometimes, aperiodically, Scan time is 35-38ms, while Ladder time is the same. Never 15 or 20 or 25ms, always 35-38ms. I need Scan time to be less then 10ms. How to solve this?
  5. Thank You for explanations, Saragani! I'm delighted with Unilogic and I made some very complex programs in it. I wanted to use Textbox element like button, and because Text element have Action option, it was logical to me that it has TextBox, too.
  6. Hi, Please add Actions for Text Box and Rectangle HMI elements. Also, Number to String command is very useful.
  7. Hi, I'm sorry for my bad english. I'm exciting with Unistream platform. Ladder is excelent, but for now my opinion is that working with HMI is better in Visilogic. Some questions about working with HMI in Unisteram (project is big and I have no time for testing): 1. How to organize variables? Often it isn't good to put tag to display variable directly. I have two ideas. Both ideas contain one function for each Screen. First: to define group of global tags (arrays) and then for every Screen store variables (throw function active if Screen active) to that global tags temporary, during Screen is active. Second: to define variables like local function tags. 2. What really function "Is Active" in Screen Proporties window? What conditions is to set and reset? Does set and reset bit working throw ladder conditions or automatically set if Screen is active and reset if not active? 3. How to set some parameters while Scren loading (On Load Subroutine in Visilogic)? Thanx
  8. Hi, I'm new member. I'm programming first time in Visilogic and have some questions and observations: - what is the maximum number od HMI variables for V560? - if programm enter into modbus block, when results saves into memory and is modbus executes independent of programm scan? - I connected V560 with Omron inverters series JX via Modbus RTU (RS 485). It works only with V560 com port jumper settings RS485 with resistor although distance is only few meters.
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