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  1. you could make your own block and then call it whenever you need: FUN_isArryBit.ulle
  2. I am controlling a VFD via modbus where there is a forward bit and a reverse bit in a command word. I need to implement logic to set/reset the bits based on the direction the VFD needs to move and I want this logic to be wrapped up in a single user defined function block using an enum as the input to protect against invalid arguments being passed. I'm not sure if there is a way to do this but I've tried using the clunky LIST feature which did not work. I know some of the UniLogic supplied blocks do this. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to do this?
  3. Try this: load a blank project with the new firmware onto the PLC make a blank project with firmware 1.32 and generate the application and firmware files to a DOC (USB stick) insert USB stick into PLC Go to UniApps Go to Upgrades check the "Forced" checkbox and tap "Upgrade Firmware" update application when firmware update is complete Now create blank application and new firmware files on a DOC Update the PLC's firmware then user application You should now be able to load the desired application with new firmware onto the PLC
  4. The PLC CPU and HMI CPU are separate units. There is a latency between ladder and HMI which can cause a noticeable when executing load screen actions from the ladder. It's best to do all screen navigation from the HMI widget's Action dialog:
  5. I noticed I am getting an error after every download in UniLogic v1.33.348 which looks like this: The program downloads to the target and goes online after hitting ok. This seems more like a nuisance than a critical issue at the moment, is there anything I can do to fix this?
  6. Example: I want to start a trace on a tag used for the analog output to a VFD and the analog input for the motor feedback but I only want trace to be active when the tag for the motor enable (digital output) is true. B&R's automation studio has trace trigger configuration settings for trigger on, trigger off, on delay and off delay which are very helpful for solo troubleshooting of complex systems.
  7. Is it possible to configure scope trace triggers to start/stop the trace? This would be handy for troubleshooting.
  8. You can use lists as an argument for the "for each" loop without having to manage the max iterations of a typical for loop. Here is a quick example of the for each with a list: Current Item tag is a local tag similar to this C example: bool list[10]; int PE_Active = 0; // INT16 in UniLogic for (int index = 0, index <= MAX_INDEX; index++){ if(list[index] == true){ PE_Active += PE_Active + 1; } }
  9. The lists are used for the new "for each" loop features: search for "Loop functions" in the help files for info
  10. From the HMI editor you can add text after a numeric display: if you need a more customized exponent display build your own in the custom control or :
  11. You can also make a custom control to use on multiple screens. This is nice because if you need to change something on that layer in all of the screens you made, you only need to modify the custom control. I use this for my general header bar that has the navigation and some other icons which is used on over 60 screens.
  12. You could do it like this to make it more instantiable: You pass in the reference to your PID instance, the setpoint, and the process variable and then operate the PID block. The function block treats a struct input as a pointer reference so you should see your multiple PIDs working with very little code writing
  13. Did you create unique PID structs in Global? In this image, I created 2 separate PID config structs with one common Autotune Parameters struct which (if you wanted to) you could use to for both PID:
  14. How are you trying to connect? Ethernet cable or USB? If ethernet, can you ping it using windows command line?
  15. Seconded, B&R plc's allow you to scope bits
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