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Problem after upgrade to version 1.35.227

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Not a ulpr file, but:

Plug is the Disk On Key to your computer, and then:


In the new opened window:



You need to select "Removable Drive", and it should auto detect the Destination Drive (for example: E: )
Check the "I have read and understand the guidelines"


Plug the Disk On Key to your PLC

Click on "Create File", and then click on the "Import Application" from the Flash Drive, and you should see that it is writing "Downloading" and after it's done. the PLC should communicate with the PC again.


Just one note: Make sure that the project that is currently opened, is with the type of the PLC that you are going to import the project on, else the PLC will either tell you that it doesn't find a project to import, or it will import another file (matching the PLC), which might be of version 1.32 or older.

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Hi All,

I have updated to V1.35.227 and have a USP-104-B10 hmi with an extender for the I/O, then 1 x UID0808T and 1 x UIA0402N module connected.

I imported an existing program that I had running correctly on v1.31 software. I upgraded it to suit V1.35 which was fine.  I updated the firmware on the new hmi to suit the v1.35 software which went all good.  But I couldnt establish ethernet connection between pc and hmi.  So I was told to export the application to a DOK usb stick, which I did.

I downloaded the application to the hmi directly from the usb stick and the application has loaded, i/o cards are happy and it appears my application is running.  But I still cant get online via ethernet with my pc.  I was told that loading the application via usb stick would overcome the issue of not being able to connect, but it hasnt.  I have set the IP addresses correctly in the hmi, to match the application as indicated on the pc.  I have also gone into settings on my pc to make sure there are no firewall issues.  But still cant get connection.

I have tried different ethernet leads, I have loaded the unitronics software onto another pc, still no success.

Anyone got any suggestions for me please.

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