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Communication between Unitronics with Elipse E3

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I'm trying to communicate the CLP variables on the Elipse E3, but even using the programming suggested by help, the CLP's Modbus communication is still not working. 

Furthermore, in the program I need to use parameters 140,141,142 and 143 for other programming information, as they are the same parameters used in modbus communication.

The first image is how the help indicates it should be done. The second is how I use these same variables



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  • MVP 2023

Check the Help on "Special Functions".  They're used by loading your parameters into SI 141..SI 147, and then executed by setting SI 140 to the function code.

After you've triggered the Modbus function once it should work.

Only trigger the Special functions as needed.  They will execute the function and then be ready for the next call.  In your code above you are continuously calling function 200 (Store Timer Preset).  Do you really need to do that all the time?

The Jazz is a very primitive controller compared to the Vision.  Considering what you're trying to do I would seriously consider upgrading to a Samba, which would make these tasks much easier.  Your time is valuable.

Joe T.



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