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Ethernet connection V570

Geert vd Wal

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I have a V570-57-T20B PLC and I can not get connection to it via the network.

I have the PLC directly connected to my Win7 PC.

To solve the problems I removed the battery and wait serveral minutes and started the PLC.

No the boot ends with Stop reasons : No Application

when I keep the screen touched during the boot then I come in an ohter screen.

That shows:


| V290-19-xxxx / V570-57-xxxx |

| BOOT Touch Request |

| 002.001.01 Mar 29 2009 15:18:56 |


CANBus :


Sub Net :

COM1 SETTINGS: 115200,8,n,1

COM2 SETTINGS: 115200,8,n,1

STATUS : Countdown Aborted

© Copyright by UNITRONICS

I can not do anything from this screen.

From my PC I can ping to And if I switch the PLC off then the ping fails.

So the connection works.

However when I try to connect via VisiLogic it fails.

There I specify the Same IP addres Protocol TCP and Port Number 20256 and PLC Name the serial number. JE4500785

When I try to connect then I get the message:

Communication Driver Error (210)

Communication over TCP/IP could not be established due to one of the following:

* Cable connection are not secure.

* Incorrect TCP/IP setting (IP address, Protocol type, Port number).

* The connection is currently being used by an other application.

Check your cables and TCP/IP settings and try again.

I am stuck.

Any help is appreciated.

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Are you sure the port is correct? You can check here for a similar issue.

On the V350, I can verify all parts: IP address, port, and system name, of which we need all three for success. Can you get a Wireshark packet capture of the problem? That will likely nail the cause -

1. If we see TCP SYN packets, but no one responds, the IP address is wrong or the target system is not connected to the network. Ping success means you made it past this hurdle.

2. If we see TCP SYN packets and they are responded to with a TCP RST, then the port is not configured properly (issue in above mentioned thread) - port number and protocol type (TCP).

3. If we see the TCP connection establishment, we can look in there and see what the problem is. It is likely a system name issue at this point.

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Which VisiLogic version are you using?

First of all please note that the PLC name is not the serial number.

When you are in Boot mode please try the following:

Place the battery back.

Set in VisiLogic serial connection and baud rate 115200.

Then go to the OS tab in connection menu and press on check

when the Wizard appears click on next to download all relevant updates.

After downloading all - download application which contain TCP/IP settings and PLC name.

Now try communicating with the PLC according to the TCP/IP settings and PLC name.

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Please read carefully what he wrote:

There I specify the Same IP addres Protocol TCP and Port Number 20256 and PLC Name the serial number. JE4500785

JE4500785 isn't a legal PLC name. This is why he can't establish a connection.

To get the PLC name, you can enter the Info mode, and click on "Version". You should see the PLC Name.

You can also use a serial cable to read SDW 9. When PLC name is not set by Ladder, the default PLC Name is the value of SDW 9.

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