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Unilogic Battery Low

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10 hours ago, Marko SramlPLC said:


I have a question about Unilogic.

When the "Battery Low" general bit turns ON, approximately how much time do I have to change the battery till it's "dead"? Few days, months?

Ty for your answers!

Best regards, Marko.

it depends on if the plc is being turned off during this period. The longer it is off the faster the battery will die. On PLCs that are in my install base Ive seen this warning for at least two months before I was able to get out to replace it. The battery is for all the tags that you have selected to be retained. You may select an initial value when the tag is created but the end user may adjust that.  When the plc is off this maintains the values that have been changed from the initial values. 

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