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Hi , 

I need help to compare two ASCII strings. One ASCI string  came form router modem  as message and I would like to compare message with fixed text and than execute output  if  comparing  is the same.
Am I on right way  on programming  ladder or do or need diferent solution.

Many thanks for help.



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  • MVP 2023

What you've posted looks like a good start to me.  I'm guessing you've verified that your "Message" tag is the same length as your "Vklop10" tag.

If it doesn't work I'd add both tags to a Watch when you're online with the PLC so you can actually see what's going on.

Joe T.

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Hi Mr. Joe  , i tried with Watch function and  find some mistake with max sting length . Yes that was the reason .  I wonder why is on receive side something bufering produce 

wrong  ASCII code despite  i send correct meassage,  

Anyway , THANKS Joe for help and I miss your old picture :)

Kind Regards



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