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Control and feedback of Hydraulic pump

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We're looking for a lower cost solution to control a handheld hydraulic clinch unit.

Currently we're using a discontinued Schneider Electric all in one PLC/HMI. We were given a SM35-J-R20 to test out so I'm working with Visilogic to redevelop the logic from SoMachine Logic Builder. If I can get this to work we will be fitting all of our units with this, or a more compatible PLC/HMI combo from Unitronics.

So far the tutorials have been helpful when trying to piecemeal a concept of how I will control this unit. I haven't seen much in the way of others using the device to control a Hyd pump, and advance/retract a cylinder, and activating a hi-press solenoid.

I'm not supplying specific numbers at this time, just curious if there are other out there controlling similar units with these combo controllers.



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Hi Joe,

I appreciate the quick response. I'm particularly interested in thoughts about how I might adapt the general control strategy used for your customer's security gate to a smaller, more precise hydraulic mechanism like ours.  Any specific functions that your customer found particularly useful for managing hydraulic operations?

I'm building the logic in a similar way I would approach an Allen Bradley program.

Main Routine calls separate input output routines (I believe in another post you call inputs first and outputs last). So it's looking something like this:


Conditions for operation, anti tie-down, and safety interlocks

Cylinder Adv/Ret






I hope this makes sense.


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