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Floats in C Functions

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I am trying to use  C function to do some calculations, but the compiler is choking on the following line:

 if (  IF_GT(1, RemainingCableLength, CurrentCablePosition) ) {}

If I replace this line with a simple "if(1)", the function compiles just fine.  I'm using the macros for all float manipulation and like I said it compiles without this line above.   The error messages from the compiler is cryptic at best and not very helpful.  Can anyone give me a hint as to what might be wrong?



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The RLO that is being sent to IF_GT is being set to the value of the result of the IF_GT, so if you just pass 1, then it will try to set the return value into a const.

The IF_GT also doesn't return a boolean.

You should rather do:


   int rlo = 1;
   IF_GT(rlo, RemainingCableLength, CurrentCablePosition);
   if (rlo == 1)


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