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Visilogics V1040 settings revert after a power cycle

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Guest Lwicht

Hello I was wondering if someone could let me know why after a power cycle my setting go to old setpoints

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  • MVP 2023

The project in the PLC must have power up values for your setpoints, which will likely be able to be changed during actual running/use.  Any power up/reset your custom settings will be shifted back to what was likely done as "starting points" to at least make the system work.

To change this behaviour you need to edit the project using Visilogic, if you can actually get into the project in the first place.  Either alter the power up values to your setpoints, so that power up will keep the same settings that you like, or delete the power up values completely so that on first boot after the work you will initially set your custom setpoints, and they will remain unless the battery dies. If the battery dies, the settings will be lost.

cheers, Aus

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